Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Shimmery in Blue

 I am in the process of  designing our new bedroom look...I have purchased the paint...   and bedding
the walls will be  Beach Foam by Behr
 our bed is  a traditional  cherry high poster  style
so as I have been perusing various cites  for ideas  I have found   that I am taking an idea from  here and there. 
My purpose is to  try to update and freshen the room..  brighten it up to bring in more light  but  my love of all things Olde World  has influenced many of my  choices, as well.
These are  from Houzz   
This layout  is  great... I love    the arhitechural details but   our room Im afraid only offers  a shed roof  and  double hung windows  .  I have purchsed a long rod  to  effectually increase  the  width of the window ...  and I have purchased  semi  sheer/  opaque off white curtains  and the trim will be white!
I chose this photo  because I love the  crown molding  which would look so wonderful but Im wondering how  that would work with a shed  ceiling.. Hubs would probably nix that  but I do  love the look!  I love the  dark  cherry wood  with the paint color  and  the various  sizes  and patterns of  oriental carpets...  Hubs will not  let us purchase  one large  carpet because too much of it would be under the bed.. 

My comforter with  coordinating pillows is a  Jacobean print with  blue, gray, and   bronze and   a bit of off white..

My favorite coordinating pillow  

is   just the style that I want to  find  fabric to redo  a small  chair and the top of the  Lane cedar chest. Last week  while  browsing my consignment shop I found these  perfect  wall  decorations...  I want to find just the  perfect   flowers to  arrange in them not too much  but just right!!

SO I am still searching other  appropriate  decor items...
I do love these mirrored bedside  lamps
Infinity Mirrored Lamp Pair
this one is pretty
Acrux Table Lamp
and since I have a mercury glass  theme going on this one isn't  bad either..  neither is the price at half off!!!!
Zada Table Lamp Silver
 I am loving these balls  that 
 Create  a romantic  ambiance.. dont you think?
 Perhaps I need to get the gold!!
  Decorating is so much fun... so what is holding me up???
 I  have to take the wall paper off of one wall... it is strippable but  there is the issue of the glue....  BAh humbug! But this is definitely our next summer project!!
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  1. Some lovely decorating ideas here - the blue is quite soft really!

  2. Great inspiration; love the blue.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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