Monday, May 9, 2016

The Simple Woman Daybook

For Today~ May 9, 2016

Looking out my window
out the front  I see  my gorgeous blooming iris
and this late spring azalea  to the east! 

I am thinking
I am loving this mild spring days...  the  air is  fresh and pollen free and the  breezes aqre heaven sent!

I am thankful
for answered prayers...  My cousin  is  home now form his  quad bypass over the weekend..  amazing how soon one is home following major surgery!!  That in itself is miraculous!

One of my favorite things
romantic gardens of  Britain  as seen  below..

I am wearing
a white tee, navy slacks, and  a lime green topper

I am creating
plans for  food to be taken to various upcoming engagements

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to

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I am loving  reruns of a favorite  BBC series  seen on netflix
Foyle's War

I think Michael Kitchen  is Britains best kept secret...  so fun to make discoveries like this at this point of  their career... he is an actor  who  says it all with this  face!
I am hoping
to be able to pinpoint when we will be going to see our girls this summer...I like to get it on my calendar so I could count the days!!

I can't wait to  hold Cuddle Bug...  Haven't seen her in person since  January and they grow and  change so quickly!

I am learning

to take each day as it comes and be thankful....  so  sad  when we realize in a twinkling  a loved one can  pass into eternity..  We are   seeing this happen  around us  and it  really gives us pause to live life at the fullest!

In my kitchen
Hubs made french toast for breakfast.. waht a treat!

but it looked just like this!!

In my garden
When you step out the back door don't stumble over the pot of petunias that have really  exploded following our  rainy season.
ON the ground beside it is  one of my  poor little hydrnageas that got  burned  with the  surprise cold snap!It is coming back!
 Around the house  the   rhododendrons are    gorgeous!
the  yarrow is slowly making its appearance! 
The blue salvia  is so hardy and  tries so hard to    shine its loveliness every year!!!
Another poor  planting to  get burned with the frost  was  my  wonderful blue hydrangea...But it is  coming back, too,   but oh, so slowly!!
But I am still crying the blues over my new   limelight paniculata    hydrangrea with the conical flowers.. the deer almost ate it down to the ground...We are now spraying things with   deer repellant...
It ahs been a hard season for  gardens around town!

Board room
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When it comes to gardens.. I think bigger is better!
If I could I would!
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Those are paniculatas
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Post Script

Shared Quote

An Invitation From the Master Gardener

Come into my garden
Come and sit with me awhile
I will whisper in your ear
I will make you smile
There are things I need to tell you
There are things you need to hear
When you listen with your heart
I will make them clear

Come into my garden
Lay your burdens down
Leave them at the garden gate
Never to be found
I will walk beside you
Take a look around
Walking on my garden path
You walk on Holy Ground

Come into my garden
Listen to my prayer
I will stand before you
Your sins I will declare
Vanished from my presence
Forgiven, washed away
If only you’ll confess
If only you will pray

Joan Curtin  ~2002

Go into the world — tell each friend or foe
Invite them to my garden
Let the whole world know
There is a place of comfort
There is a place of peace
You’ll find it in my garden
You’ll find it on your knees

Come into my garden
Blessings I’ll bestow
I will give you light and life
I will make you grow
Here within my garden walls
Behind the garden gate
Looking down the garden path
Patiently I wait
Joan Curtin

A moment from my day
Time spent in reverie on the porch!!

Closing Notes:
Stay close to God at all times...  and in attitude of supplication, make your requests known to  God.. we have not because we ask not!!!

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