Tuesday, May 10, 2016


If it's spring it's time to think fairies...  Being an only child growing up I spent a lot of my time  playing fairies...momma made me  a fairy dress and I flitted through her flower beds...  sprinkling fairy dust on all her blooms!

I have a  board on pinterest  about fairies!
One of my favorites  is  this  lantern!  Doesnt she look like Tinker Bell!!!
DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lantern Tutorial (Video) #Crafts, #Homedecor:

                                        Fab Art DIY


Fun and whimsical fairy garden for indoor or for outdoor use.  Such a fun children's craft to add a little magic to your yard.:


   Charlene Haugsven (My Frugal Adventures)

This is a marvelous idea, especially for a garden room!
Lantern Fairy Garden by Fairytale Gardens



 I actually got started with  fairy gardens last  year..  after I saw  how enthralled our dear Birdie was with a friend's garden...

some items I  have on my  purchase list from Plow and Hearth 
Miniature Fairy Garden Surrey Solar HouseMiniature Fairy Garden Solar Thatched Cottage
This season  everytime I go  out and about I pick up  a treasure for a garden...  and this is  what I have so far!

The frog to be Prince is holding court!!

I found  this  cute house for a song at Hamrick's.  The fairies and Mr. Frog I bought in Lancaster, PA last month..
Aw.. I feel like Im five once again!!!
Amaze Me Monday

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  1. I used to play fairies too when I was growing up. We had a little grove behind one of our homes that had a little brook running through it and I used to go there and pretend for hours. It was a magical little place for a young girl with an imagination such as mine. You have a wonderful start on your fairy garden. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day.



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