Tuesday, March 9, 2010

But Where Can I find truth?

Many there are who say," But All I see are charlatans.... hypocrits who say one thing and do another... Isnt it sad that truth can not be readily found in our communities today? It is difficult to find a good Bible Based church today... corruption is rampant even in the church.. The enemy knows his time is short and is he ever busy! But he is a defeated foe... there is truth to be found.... and it begins with having the Holy spirit living within you that you might then be able to discern false teaching from the Truth. If one is so turned off by churches that they cant even hear the truth... which by the way you have to seek it out for yourself in our world today.... one very trusted source to hear the truth I found is through this link....

This 4 step path to finding peace with God spells out God's plan in an easy to understand and powerfully effective manner.

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