Friday, March 12, 2010

Pink Saturday


Happy Pink Saturday!!

This week I am sharing a very precious find I picked up right before the holidays in an antique shop in the next county.... My previous coworker and partner teaching third grade actually works a stall there and I was there to see her, when all of a sudden I looked up and there it was!
I had been seeking this for years.. since 1988 at least. My grandmother had this print hanging over her bed and I always loved it... Of all the things she had, this was the one thing that made me think of her the most.... and I hoped my mom would inherit it in her portion of worldly goods.... there were 6 sisters dividing the household items, but alas, it got away and I never saw it again.. so I have scanned every shop since then, hoping against hope, to find a copy.. then suddenly without really trying... there it was...a closeup....
reveals its quaint PINK charms.
PS Imagine my glee when as I watched You've Got Mail, Meg Ryan had this same print hanging in her New York apartment. You might look for it next time you watch that film!!!!

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  1. What a great picture! So Serene!

  2. It's so great you were able to find a copy. Its a lovely picture. Have a wonderful pink saturday.

  3. Happiness is asking for something and then receiving it. It may not be in your time frame but it does happen. Lovely picture. Enjoy! Happy St. Patrick's Day.
    Joyce M

  4. OMG! Love You've Got M@il, I'll check for sure!!!
    So sweet that your Grandmother had it hanging over the bed, and that a copy found its way to you!
    Happy PS,

  5. I am so glad that you found the print! I'm sure lovely memories are associated with the picture. "You've got Mail" is one of my favourite movies so I'll look for it the next time I watch it. I love the song "Caledonia" too as it reminds me of my grandmother who grew up on Caledonia Mountain in New Brunswick. I love all the scripture verse you have on your blog and I am going to sign up as a follower. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday weekend.


  6. Such a pretty picture! and it's famous too! Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy the rest of the weekend! Sherri : )

  7. I am so glad that you found the print...

  8. So glad you managed to find one - Happy late Pink Saturday!

  9. Oh, Carolyn. I am so glad you found this. I have some things which belonged to my grandmother, but there also were some things I would have love that went elsewhere.

    Happy belated Pink Saturday.


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