Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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Continuing my excitement over bed and breakfasts....because soon we will be celebrating our 38th anniversary at Berkley Manor in Williamsburg!
Known for its colonial charm right in the heart of Williamsburg!
We have booked the Governor Berkley room.
I was taken with its classic simplicity! Very sublime... yet yielding grand comfort...
We always look forward to the morning dining experiences in B&B's... meeting the other guests is always an unexpected pleasure... we always leave that to the Lord to work out and he never disappoints... we have met some of the most fascinating people from all over the world actually.
This time we will be dining here...
I can't help but notice the exquisite red transferware... a favorite!!! And this establishment is within easy walking of the Colonial /shopping district... now what ever more could anyone ask??


  1. Schotzy, that does sound like a wonderful place to stay, and exciting to look forward to.
    Congratulations on your 38th Anniversary!!!
    Richest Blessings - Jan

  2. So exciting! That breakfast looks delish! :)

    Love you,


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