Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spiritual Dozen

Sunrise Glory!!
I am taking the liberty of sharing what I saw this morning in an email from Guidepost... these 12 exercises are a grand way of starting each and every day to strengthen your spiritual life.

A dozen exercises for the body, mind, and soul!
RELAX See your burdens dropping away.

STRETCH Mentally reach for the good that is yours.

INHALE Breathe in all the beauty your soul can take.

EXHALE Expel critical and negative thoughts.

THINK Develop one healthy, constructive thought and hold onto it all day long.

LOOK Seek one good quality in each person you encounter.

LISTEN Hear the voice of God in some item of nature.

WALK Let your steps follow His direction.

TALK Speak kindness.

SMILE And watch the effect on each person you meet.

LOVE An all-day heart exercise with others.

PRAY Communicate with God throughout the day.

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  1. This is just what I neded to see today! I was down and sad and this will help me alot! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! XO, Pinky


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