Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Encouragement over Tea

This morning I awakened  hopeful and encouraged  and I was  eager to  work on my  summer Bible Study, Seamless, by Angie Smith... what a fantastic study.. just right for summer.. It is so very  interesting as it   ties up scripture's message into an amazing tapestry, seamless and  glorious.. in easy to understand  text , less homework to write and her videos are  passionate and  shorter so there is more time during meetings for  Holy Spirited  discussion..  I love it!!

This morning I spent time in 1Samuel.. and I enjoyed a wee snack  and  a iced tea in my  beautiful new china mug... 
I absolutely love  Roy Kirkham's  china made in Staffordshire England.  The quality is  sublime.. the patterns modern and  fresh!
Besides the fun of using my new mug...  the message today was  again so  inspired and relevant...  we were reminded that  the leader at that time,  Saul,,  had fallen away from God and leading by what he determined was  the way to go and God told him his kingdom would not endure    God started preparing his replacement... a man after His own heart..  I do see  a bit of relevance here and I am praying  that God will again  evoke this same  principle and  elevate a man with a tender heart for Him who will  surround himself with  godly  advisers   and  seek to lead  in God's will.


  1. Samuel is one of my favorite Old Testament characters and his Mother Hannah was a great one! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  2. Good morning Schotzy,
    Your Bible Study sounds like a marvellous one and filled with good food for the soul. Love your birdie mug. I like Roy Kirkham china too. Thanks for sharing with us and have a lovely day.



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