Sunday, July 24, 2016

Scripture Garden

Today I am sharing on Pink Saturday.
Last week a group from my Sunday School class toured a local church, St. John Lutheran's  Scripture Garden.. member and research author, Carolyn,  shared    about the many planting around the  church...  most all of which  were  spoken about in scripture...  like these reeds...  like the ones in which  baby Moses was hidden  in Egypt!
 Carolyn has  research many  historical botanical studies  form  Israel and it's environs  and she very carefully  has added  specimens  that tell amazing stories.  Many  believe that the manna that  rained from heaven   was  closely connected to coriander..  seen here  with its  white blooms...    beside that to the right is mustard.. although this is not the mustard that grows into a tall tree from the parables.
 Careful arrangment of all types of plants  makes for a beautiful entrance to the church!
 I love the lamb's ear with its velvety  texture.. We all know   of whom this refers!
 Many herbs  are mixed in with the  shrubs and trees..  each one that  has a specific  scruptural reference  has  its own  garden sign with name and  text printed on it.I wish I could remember all the species  mentioned.
 Many of the various blooms  of flowers  in scripture had already  bloomed out this season...
 Another  space was designated just for  plants of the desert regions.. including aloe, yucca,  prickly pear,  and  sage brush..  

 I love these onions in bloom!!
and this Israeli thistle  is gorgeous , but watch out!  Yikes! 
Nearby is the gorgeous fig tree  ... Eve  sewned these leaves together to hide their nakedness.  I dont think I'd want to wear fig leaves.. the would be quite scratchy!
 All in all,   it was a  wonderful  garden that  honors the precious Word of God!

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  1. What a clever idea and a beautiful garden.


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