Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pink Saturday

Today I am sharing on Pink Saturday.
It is Anything Goes  Saturday  because  I am more in a blue mood  lately...  Not sad,  by no means..  because I just had my birthday yesterday, and it was grand.
My birthday began with Hubs  bringing me a surprise...
Dearest does make my  delicious Arabica coffee  and  fruited  yogurt everyday  but to have it served in bed was a royal treat! He  is such a marvelous  sweetheart!
Then  at lunch we  were so excited to  be going to dine at  a very special  place..
Image result for the blue apron restaurant salem va
We had heard nothing but rave reviews and the  ambience  promised  to be    a lovely time for all.

 Image result for the blue apron restaurant salem va
I could tell as I entered  the front door this place was special..
and then as  I turned   to go in.  I saw  our best friends Dot and Bill
and I knew  this was going to  fun!!!
My day was panning out to be  very memorable!!!
I   has  craving  chocolate so I was determined to go light on lunch!!!
 The special of the day  was  a crabcake on a brioche and a cup of watermelon and tomato gazpacho. I decided to be daring and Im so glad.. it was  about 90 outside and that  gazpacho was  delicious!!!!
Of course,  you cannot go wrong with crabcake on anything!  YUM!!!
Other folks got these..

 A sirloin burger with  bacon tomato jam and  the Cuban...
We were so  excited when dessert came I forgot to snap a photo!..
it was  very similar to this.
Warm chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet and creme anglaise.. let's just say it was gone in a hurry...  and it didnt  quench my  chocolate   craving.  So Hubs  did the unthinkable..
Oh, my goodness.   let me just say  half of this is going right into the freezer!!!
After  our  fabulous dining experience. Hubs actually  dropped me off at  Main Street Primitives...
  My f avorite   home boutique!!
I  knew I had already  spent a bit  on  some small appliances  and  other things so I was determined not to  splurge...  I fell in love with  the  primitive textiles..  that looked  almost like  a woven tapestry  form the Middle ages....    marking that one for Christmas...  and I   fell in love with the candle sleeve lamp with the  grazing sheep.  OH my...  There does come a time to say"NO!  I don't really need it..   But I did buy  a lovely  candle that is on a timer.. I really like those  for  night lights and  such... And I incorporated it into  my new  summer look on the mantel...  Summer Wild flowers!!!

and I   got a  beautiful  gray blue  vase  made just for hydrangeas.. I got it for the bedroom  but it looks  wonderful in the dining room , too!

Every room deserves a lift!  HEhEh

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