Friday, July 29, 2016

When Things Dont Really Match..Yet

    When I think of August I think   of the glory of sunflowers...  so  this week at the market I  bought a lovely bunch of  the  sunny  blooms and  thought about how I could incorporate them  with  what I have,.,, 

  you see, I do have  at least  7 sets of  china that I absolutely love..    but I only believe in using what I have and making it work..just let  creativity  lead me... and see where it takes me. I have to say I  am  rather enamored with this very  bohemian   setting...  that sort of goes together  in a rather  cozy and    homey   manner!


 I began with  my  tan Sturbridge plaid  cloth that I havent used in quite some time
and  paired it  experimentally with the  placemats  I generally use  around the holidays... but  the  rosy  pink and  green   looked quite nice with the   cloth so I continued...wondering which china plates would bring in the sunflowers...  and then I remembered  my antique china from Hub's mother...
Portland from Syracuse.

I still wanted to accent the  golden yellow...  but   didnt really have the right thing  so I improvised...

I used my Williamsburg  green, red, and  yellow  Jacobean  napkins    doubled with the  earthy brown...
 I love how mixy.. matchy  this all is..  nothing really goes together,  yet, it works in a very unconventional  way!

 Oops, just like me my homes magazine is peeking out at me...  well, that is  reality!  Hehehehe!

Tablescape Thursday

         Home Sweet Home

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