Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Romance

Well, our dining room  
has been  blue with red and white  for some  time it seems.. so it was time to mix it up.... I am enjoying now a much lighter  happy,  and feminine  look...  using some ironstone dishes I purchased from Marshall's a few seasons ago...  I wish I had more of this pattern...  I  dont even know it's name  but it is very romantic!
To quote some words  from an online source...  a summer romance is serendipidous..  where you are free to  be more of has to do with basking in the glow of  light and love and  everything  good!!  So when I  thought about  summer romance  I thought of these lovely  plates

 and  thought    what can I  pull together to   make me feel happy and enjoy the basking in the light of  goodness of love...and I thought of my   rose glass  collection..
Now I  will be ready when  a friend jsut happens to pop in  around luncheon....  I love it when that happens!!! 

I thought of the  scrolling  candalabra   whose  bronzy finish mimics the    goldish  scrollwork on the plates...
I could have just added pink napkins,  but   then  when I think of lazy, hazy summer days I think of  home  as a child.. and my mama loved  to mix up her  decor  as much as I do...  and one of her  favorite  phases  that I loved was  her  mixing of brown together with pink  in her bedroom  when I was  about 6...  I thought it was absolutely  heavenly... so I    rolled out the  brown  linens and  folded them into my favorite  fleur de-lys crystal glass.. now   the table  really warms  my heart  with sweet memories and  golden promises...
       To finish my post I want   to share  this song that  was echoing in my memory...  we used to have  beautiful instrumental music playing on sumemr days  and this one is perfection!
Excuse the ad at the beginning, but please, give it a listen.  it is divinely  lovely!!!

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  1. Very romantic. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet home.


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