Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Monday Musings

Today I am joining 
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Here we share encouragement about being a child of God, being a godly wife, motherhood, homemaking, homeschooling, healthy recipes, modest dress, etc.  what better way to begin each week  than  musing on blessed thoughts, habits, and   purposes..THis weekend I have been in  a very prayerful   mode and  reverie as I  consider  our one and only daughter and her family  who live 12 hours away...  this is a  very  sweet  time for her family as they
 are moving into  their new home... 

Now that they  have    two  wee daughters,  they were  bursting out of their  condo and  really  were ready to take on a yard  and  a  lovely home in a  beautiful small New England   community ... 
Image result for holliston ma town center
 We were  priveleged to be with them  helping to pack boxes and  prepare for the move...   but my mind  is with them continually as I  think about  the transition they are making...  wondering how  the toddler  is adjusting to her new  big girl room...  loving  her  new colors and   resolving in her mind and heart that  this 

        is  her new home...   
We are so blessed that  our  daughter's family  is  deeply involved in  Christ's work in their community....  and they  are  facing what could be a traumatic  life change in perspective.. they actually took time out  of their  busy weekend to attend church and  to  have  some family time to  celebrate the holiday with the children and friends yesterday!  For no matter  how pressing a move may be,  nothing supplants  God and family in our lives!
So  this week  my prayers are  that    everything left to be done will fall  exactly into place ..  ie.  they a re staging their condo   radying it for  photos to put it on the market  soon...  May it  sell  quickly at a great price,  and  that  they will  be  able to  transition smoothly and seamlessly into  their new lives  with  friendly  neighbors, loving their new  lifestyle and  home!!

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