Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Where There's Tea, There's Hope

Now I  want to join along with  Sandi  at No Place Like Home.

Well, Im a bit sad...   I was planning all day  to  take a  cutting from our hydrangea   to make my first  bouquet of the season...  and I didnt realize  that the blooms were  so far gone... actually  the plant took such a hit  with a late killing frost  the blooms were really slow to  come in... but obviously, I needed to pay more attention..  and then suddenly  a terrible storm  came up  and it rained so hard that the nicer blooms are  bent over to the ground and  are looking  like they've been through  the wars...  so  I will  go  back in time and find  a time when my blooms were looking pristine!!!
So  zing!  
It is  July 2012..  and the day is   simply lovely... no  rain.. no humidity... and the hydrangea  was  perky and  gorgeous!
 photo Spring2012102.jpg
such inspiration for a bit of a tea party  just for me!

 photo Spring2012100.jpg

A bit of fruit,a cucumber sandwich, and  a cinnamon doughnut along with a pot of tea.. just for me!!!
 photo Spring2012096.jpg
I see my Royal Albert,  Flowers by the Month cup with  Roobioos  tea...  This very well might have a birthday gift to myself.. sounds like me!!!
 photo Spring2012094.jpg
Everything in the garden looks fo verdantly  lush....  quite  a bit  of difference....  I can understand wanting to be outside   on that day...But I am loving the  beautiful  blooms that  are in  various stages of maturity...  from  subtle green... to  white...to blue  so   gorgeous!  There is nothing as pretty as  blue hydrangeas to me....

 photo Spring2012104.jpg

Image result for hydrangea clipart
Image result for hydrangea clipart
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  1. Spoken like a true tea lover!! And I also like all the foods you put on your plate! Those hydrangeas are so very pretty. I hope to add some to my garden. Thanks for a lovely post!

  2. Dear Schotzy:
    I have seen the space of your teapot before but never the design which is darling with the lady. The July Forget Me Not cup and saucer is also ever so lovely! Thanks so much for participating in my link party and sharing! You bet - there's HOPE!

  3. What a lovely outdoor setting! I've always been a fan of the RA flower of the month teacups.

  4. Good morning Schotzy,
    Sounds like your posies took a hit just like my roses did. It has been so cold here that they have stopped blooming and I'm so disappointed. Usually they bloom for at least six weeks but they only lasted about two.

    Your hydrangeas are so lush and gorgeous and perfect with your tea things. That teapot adorned with the lady is very elegant and your July teacup is a delight. Such a pretty tea time! Isn't it nice you can go back and find such a pretty post that lifts your spirits? I'm so glad you shared with us. Have a lovely day.


  5. Wow! What a different perspective. From Southern California we would absolutely love to share in your rain. We go outside and dust ash from nearby fires off our front door step. But we have hope..... in rain someday.

  6. Dear Schotzy:
    This post was featured on my blog today - congratulations.


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