Sunday, May 13, 2012

For My Mother

Happy Mother's Day!
I am  sharing on Seasonal Sundays..
and it is  great to be sharing this on   the 1ooth Seasonal Sunday celebration as well as Mother's Day!!
  Even though my dear mom is in   Assisted living and we  just returned from  celebrating with her there...     
(very sweet yet    poignant time together!!)
   it has been  fulfilling to me  to  pull together  a Mother's  Day   setting  for us to  use this coming week...   Of course, it will just be the two  of us....  I  am inspired by   wonderful  family  memories and  traditions  which  are  supporting the     simplicity of the setting which speak to  the inner  me... the  things, times, and  memories that  have been important to  my formative  upbringing.. My first inspiration  is this photo..
 This photo circa 1926  is my mom,   the original flowerchild....with her  favorite cousin, and playmate, Ralph!
  My great grandma Higgins,  taught my momma  all about  the love of flowers and mom  was never without them in her life there after..  you will see Flower motifs scattered throughout this setting  forever   enmeshed  in the  patterns  of  favored  heirlooms...  also momma  was  raised on a dairy farm    the oldest of six daughters, and    so the  simple life on the farm dedicated to hard work for the family and home   was  a driving principle...
  appreciation for  our family roots and  history  were  treasures that held great meaning...   
  So the  patriotic colors of red, white, and blue resonate with me  in  remembering   the solid   civic minded   examples  of my  parents and grandparents...  A daily dinner  growing up was    hearty simple food....    served  abundantly  and  with love,  by  rather humble means....
  My red transferware with its  English  countryside  motif    reminds me of the  Old world  origins of our  family  who hailed from  Gloucestershire, England...
PhotobucketReminiscent  of a Cotswold cottage,   I am very reminded  of my  deep affection for all things  British.  Resting on   my  Mikasa  white South Hampton patterned   china with the nautical   edge  accents the  red    background of the  mat from  Kohl's...     the  nautical edge  is in tribute to  my maternal  grandfather's  people who  were  seafaring folk from Normandy!
To continue the pastoral  theme  inside the  cloche  rests  a few  beautiful sheep....  my favorite farm animals ... perhaps  partly due to the scripture 

We are His people and the sheep of His pasture 

(Psalm 100:3)


Again,  to herald the  simple,  but sturdy,  traditions of my  family I incorporated the old housewear pewterwear pitcher and  cream and sugar set, reminiscent of times of old...  the solid  historical   setting  of early  my family  was well established in the colonies as early as the mid 1600's....  Even though mom  won't be here to actually see and  sit at this table,   I know that  it warms the cockles of her heart to see it in photo and know   the  significance of each nuance and each  component of the  table....     

 I love this  odd plate  I have in my red transferwear collection ....
PhotobucketThe embossed  rim is so delicately  lovely  and the title , simply, Abbey,  speaks to a strong faith    and reverence for things holy!
Another  dish , of course,  English styled,     shows a  large  mountaintop  palatial home....   which makes me think of    the heavenly inheritance for those who believe that Jesus Christ is who He says He is....  hence, a bit of a different   Mother's Day table  but one that speaks to the heart and the soul  and    will bring me  much joy throughout the week!

File:We are His people and the sheep of His pasture (Psalm 100-3) - - 307068.jpg
God bless and happy Mother's Day!

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