Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Portland... Calls to Me!

Martha hosts this  beautiful site each week  and today I  am   enjoying the  loveliness of  my inherited  china from  Lynn's mother....
When I got married   the style was mainly  white and very simple china  with  a band of    pale flowers  around the rim.....  I  liked it then,  but  alas, for a very short time..   and I had  12 settings of the stuff....   After a short while I  realized    I had a hankering for bolder  colors....  and always admired  my mother-in-law's,  antique china....

Syracuse, federal shape, Portland  china    seems to  speak to  my inner self....  and I am thrilled to  have 8 settings   of this   fine pattern...


  1. oooh that is really lovely china! It does have a bolder pattern, and I love the Federal style share. I don't see that shape plate very often and it is so nice.

  2. I also love the shape of your inherited china. The rose is gorgeous and Syracuse is still making lovely china and I would really like to go to their factory and see their outlet (maybe buy some!). I did the same thing when I married and picked Haviland's Rosalind with pink flowers and collected many pieces. While my parents were in England on a trip, I found an Aynsley pattern "Pembroke" with a bird and lots of bright colored flowers and purchased the set. My parents called and asked was there anything I wanted and I said serving pieces-the teapot and cream and sugar bowl! With in several months a shipment from England came and we unpacked what Mother had bought for herself and the "Pembroke" pieces. I still love the set and when see a piece I love adding more. Yes, we do change our minds but like you I love china with color now.
    Thanks for sharing!


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