Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soul Time with the Blues

     Bunny Jean  shares  this theme each week,  and it is always so much fun to  just contemplate ok,,  where are we going this week.. last week, she asked,    what is the  impetus for blogging...   is there a schedule of  what keeps you going.... .   Well, Im not one who has a new project going every week,  and Id  love to  go  flea marketing every w eek and come away with  fantastic  treasures,  but then again,  Im trying to get rid   many of the treasures I bought years ago, and  am in the  process of scaling down, so that isnt quite me either,....  I  think about  what can I do this week to  spur the creative juices  along and  create either a space or an event in my day that    feeds my inner being...   Soul Time is what I call it...  Often  I am inspired  by   magazines I love like  Victoria, Bliss!
This month,    it's blue  cover  grabs me, especially on days like today,,,,
Mainly, because today  it is overcast,  with the threat of rain.. a lazy day,,, a blue day!
  so I picked a bouquet of hydrangeas  to hang on my door...
 and  inspired  by my magazine, I set a lovely table...
heheheh.  from my angle there on the sofa   it looks    funny,  but  it's really not  tilted!
it is fun to go  room shopping for all things blue to pull together...
a silk arrangement    is a   shadow of the real McCoy  at the door...
  but I  am bit stingy with  my  real blooms...  So excuse me now while I continue  perusing  this months edition  of  Victoria    and  dreaming of  times and places... and perhaps planning  some Soul Time!

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  1. Hi Schotzy!

    I think I like to visit other blogs more than write on my own... it is certainly much more enjoyable. That is why I host this party. But as it grows I am finding it more difficult to comment on everyone's post. Blogging is fun and time consuming all at the same time :/

    I also use silk flowers in the house. I really have a hard time clipping the real ones because I like to 'visit' with them outside. Your blue Hydrangeas are pretty. I have very similar ones and put them here and there through out the house. Since I can't grow them here in the desert I just might tuck them in a pot on the porch, and let the neighbors grow green with envy, lol!

    Thanks for sharing at my party this week!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hop Party!


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