Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pink Saturday

Happy  4th Birthday Pink Saturday!

Today I  will celebrate  with Beverly with my favorite pink of the season!!!   

 Nothing  more luscious that  pink peonies...

And because this is  Memorial weekend    we  had our preliminary  celebration    last evening....just the two of us!
Patriotic Celebrations  have always been important to our families!
 I  have always been proud that my husband  served his country during  wartime,

 thankfully,    overseas in Europe  doing support   during the  Vietnam conflict...    He was following in the  footsteps of his  own father, who served in North Africa during, WWII  and my dad  who served  state side  in the  medical corps, and my grand dad who served in France during WWI.   
  All through the years our families have  proudly  celebrated the  sacrifice and service   of our  loved  ones....  instilling patriotism and  love of country  in  our  children...  I feel that  this is very important for our  children to understand that  we  live in a  great nation  that   the world has always looked to    as carrying the standard of freedom and    help  in times of trouble!   The  great power and strength of our nation  was instilled in us    through the   foresight of our Founding fathers who laid the Gody foundation  in our  freedom documents and  formed one nation under God!
  It is imperative   that  in this world  in which  there are those who  wish to strip us of our Godly heritage,  to rewrite  history  and remove God from  society, that  we never forget this and   we must protect our Constitution at all costs!
In our  first celebration of the weekend, we enjoyed  a  fine    grilled supper...
There is nothing finer  than supper alfresco  when the breezes are cooling and the air sweet!
  Fresh    corn on the cob  and  salad  make for the perfect compliments to  our tasty    grilled hamburgers....
Lynn and I agreed then flat bread buns    have become our buns of choice...     less carbs and  easier to eat ! 
 Now that  it is mainly the two of us,   there is no reason  why we shouldnt  always choose to go  for it  in celebration and  festivity, even if it is as simple as this  fine  time we  enjoyed on our comfortable  porch last night!!
Today  I am  working on  something a bit more  special  for  my  dear husband....    home style  pork barbecue... one of his absolute favorites.. more  on that later...   
God bless and    make this a  weekend of honor and celebration in your families!

For more Pink Saturday visit Beverly of How Sweet the Sound!


  1. Look like you had an enjoyable dinner! What a lovely porch to eat on too! Your home and garden pictures are beautiful! Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Such a sensational entry for Pink Birthday!

    Please come and link at my Color Connection meme through my PINKentry, hope you'll join the fun!


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