Friday, May 4, 2012

You Asked for It!

Rooted In Thyme

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Today I am joining   this fun blog party  to  take the opportunity to share about some thing  many expressed interest in....this week I posted  my Morning Tea Party  where  I served baked eggs....    So  I  have been  doing some research and  want to share about  this very simple and delicious  manner of cooking eggs....
I am a fan of Ina Garten, and love her  simple yet wholesome cooking techniques.. many of which were born from her  experiences  in France... I have seen her bake eggs several times on her show... so this week I  very simply   Pammed my baking dish and    baked unbroken eggs into it and  seasoned them lightly and baked them a t 400  for about 15 minutes...SO simple and they were delightful...   but then this morning  after  so much interest expressed I decided to do a bit of research....  the most charming video of Ina  baking  herbed eggs is  found here!  So I  made my  facimile of these for breakfast this morning.. but I used  the items I had on hand..
I had no  green herbs   but did have  fresh garlic,  red pepper and  lovely grated parmesan... 
 I used half and half  and a bit of butter  to coat the bottom of my baking dish that I also  sprayed with  Pam....  ...
After assembling the ingredients. I  baked  at 400 for 15 minutes  until the whites were completely cooked...
Cooking the cream and butter together for 5 minutes before  assembling the rest  made for a much moister and    light  egg dish than just baking them  in a Pammed  pan as I did  earlier this week.
 The whites a re done the yolk is  not too hard.. just the way I  like my egg,  the egg comes out of the dish easily and clean up is a whiz...    I like to experiment with  recipes.. as I   assembled the dish  I was thinking  it was so much like a crustless quiche and I love a dash of nutmeg in my quiche so I couldnt help  by add a dash  along with the other seasoning...  Next time I will substitute onions for the garlic...


  1. Thank you for this! OK...I am going to try it, but I will have to play with the recipe a bit. Ramon likes his yolks hard, and I like mine runny. Neither of us has a middle ground on the issue, so that's going to take some figuring out! Thank you so much for giving me the heads up on it. I do have some half & half and butter in the fridge, and I'll have fresh herbs on Monday, so it will be my experimental weekday dish!

  2. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this recipe. As I said before, I have never heard of baked eggs. I am also a fan of Ina Garten, but somehow I missed this recipe. Great job....It looks wonderful. Thank for visiting too. Have a lovely week-end. Linda - California

  3. "Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy"!!! Thank you! Oh Yes on the NUTMEG. I'm a NUTMEGaholic. I leave a little grinder out at all times for "MOI"! Yes it does look like crust-less quiche.
    Have a fun weekend,

  4. I am just so happy you came for a visit over at my blog! Thanks for calling me back over here to share this wonderful recipe with, I can hardly wait to make one! You did a great tutorial. I haven't watched the other video yet, but I will.
    I am following you now!

  5. Thanks for the recipe and lovely comment you left me on my post.
    Wishing you a great week!

  6. This looks like a very delicious and filling breakfast. Thank you for sharing it at Your Cozy Home Party. I love Ina too. I find her food to be special but not too fancy for family meals. Have a nice week. -----------


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