Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Early Morning Garden Tea


Bernideen's Tea Time is a lovely site for  getting your  inspiration for  all things tea!  And today she is  inviting everyone  to  participate in a garden tea....   what a lovely  week this  will be....   with all the errands I have for  later today,..,.   it was marvelous to  have a leisurely  garden breakfast tea , just the two of us.... ( I love  that we are both retired now!)
So  early this morning, I set the stage....
fresh picked flowers from the garden...
bowers of flowers from the house... hehehehe
lovely   potted flowers  on the porch... all greeted us as we  gathered  for the fun!
On the menu....   cranberry walnut scones and baked eggs....  oops. the oven could  do with a cleaning!!!!
 Now our daughter, Amanda, would have loved to  have joined us this morning!
I never baked the eggs before, and now it is  my   manner  of choice.....  delightfully  delicious....
Our tea..
was Earl Grey....   my favorite!
My sweetie  even dressed for the occasion!  HEHEHEHEHE
A truly amazing time  to share this morning....
and the scones.
were   perfection...

Cranberry  Walnut Scones

3 c  Virginia’s best  self rising flour
1 T baking powder
½ c sugar
¾ c butter…slice in  tablespoon  slices  to make  working it in  easier
1 c fresh cranberries… I added golden raisins to make a cup
½ c chopped  English walnuts.. I used pecans
1 1/2 T orange zest
1 c buttermilk  I used  clabbered milk  ( 1 cup milk  with 1 table of  white vinegar)
To top  unbaked scones.
1 T cream or milk
1 T sugar mixed with ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
Stir together all dry ingredients at top  of list..   Rub the butter  slices into the mixture until  only coarse crumbs form…   Like  cornmeal….  Incorporate the butter evenly.. no large  chunks….Stir in cranberries, nuts, and  zest. Add buttermilk and mix with a fork until evenly moistened.  I  didn’t  mix  it too much  and  as soon as I saw it coming together  I  poured it out on a floured surface and  shaped it into a  ball.   Pat the ball into a  ¾ inch thick circle.    Don’t work the dough too much…   it should be  fairly easy to  work with   you will have a lot on your fingers 
   As it will be moist. So  incorporate just enough flour     so not so sticky
   But  keep it   pliable.
Cut  rounds with a biscuit cutter and place on a greased sheet. Brush tops with the cream or milk and  sprinkle the sugar mixture on top.    Bake at 400 for 14-16 minutes or until  golden…  if you desire  lightly sprinkle with  powder  sugar.
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  1. I absolute love that you included this recipe - how wonderful out there in the garden with your hubby! You put alot of work into this and it sure shows! Thank you for linking to Tea in the Garden!

  2. Your morning tea looks delightful. I can almost smell the cranberry scones as they are baking.

    Visiting from The Bunny Hop, Debra

  3. What a lovely tea breakfast you had with your hubby. Those are the best times. I've never baked eggs, but will try after seening how nice they look in the dish. Also, thanks for sharing the scone recipe!

  4. luving the scones! and flowers? ooh lovely! still too cold here but May does hold change!..
    have a wonderful day !

  5. This is the "SWEETEST POST EVER"!!! LOVE that you had your Hubby there with you! AND he looked SO DASHING! Your table looks delicious and I will be making your scones(thank you so much). How did you bake your eggs??? What DID you do??? Did they go in for the same time as the scones. VERY INTERESTING!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Hugs to you,

  6. Looks like a sweet way to start one's day. Everything looks so pretty and delicious. I'll have to make some of those scones and set a tea for my husband. ;-)

  7. Absolutely charming. Love that your sweet mate played along. I love the table and the flowers are wonderful. Scones look amazing.. have a great weekend.. xo marlis

  8. Love love your setting. so sweet that your sweetie played along.. Love the flowers and the tea set.. Scones look amazing.. xo marlis

  9. I love to have tea on the porch -- tea is my drink of choice for breakfast as well and your breakfast looked delicious! We did that the other day -- carried our breakfast to the porch -- it was a fun relaxing breakfast. Thanks for the scone recipe!

  10. What a beautiful table! Wow, why I just love your breakfast menu as well! I have to try baked eggs. And your hubby looks great in pink!
    via Thursday Favorite Things

  11. What a lovely setting! The fresh flowers, the lovely china and of course, the delicious food all are so inviting!

  12. What a lovely breakfast tea! The table is set so beautifully, the flowers are gorgeous and the food is delicious....Christine

  13. The scones look amazing! Everything is beautiful! ENJOY!

  14. I wish I knew about your blog before!!! I just hosted a baby shower tea party for my friend last weekend and was frantically looking for inspiration. I'm a huge tea aficionado. Your pictures look absolutely lovely and thank you for the recipe.

  15. This breakfast is so delightful. I see someone is quite happy to be sitting at the table. I have never baked eggs before, except for quiches. I will have to try it sometime. The flowers are beautiful and bring so much beauty. I am your newest follower. I hope you will visit and follow along too. Linda

  16. Perfect company for your lovely morning tea! Beautiful setting and lovely pieces. Thanks for inviting us for a peak and for the recipe. Cherry Kay

  17. I love it that your husband was so cooperative for photos before digging in AND that he wore a shirt in the spirit of the morning's decor! Bravo for him! He gets this week's "Cool Husband" award! :-) Everything looks fantastic. I have never baked eggs whole like that before. I've made them into a fritatta, but never with the yolks whole like that. I will try one just to see. (I'm such a picky eater, it's pitiful!) Seems like baking them would really free up a lot of time slaving over the stove, and since you already have scones or biscuits or muffins or whatever in there already, it just makes sense. I'll give it a try! Your flowers are exquisite!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend, fellow retiree! :-)

  18. How sweet that your hubby joined you for tea. Absolutely love that he shared this with you. Thank you for sharing the scones recipe. But...please tell me about the baked eggs, I'd like to give those eggs a try. hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun xo

  19. What a lovely scene...all perfect, including a husband playing along and yummy treats. I guess we all need to know about this egg baking...we haven't heard of that before. Lovely! ~Zuni

  20. Oh, I'm so delighted to be here. Makes me want to set my own tea table and have more than just a virtual tea time with friends! Thank you for making my heart happier by sharing this delightful post at Tea Talk.

    I enjoyed all your photos.


    By the way, the pretty tea stuff you sent me last year still bring delight to my heart each time I see them.

  21. Hi Schotzy!

    What a beautiful morning and you had the best company ever! What a cutie your sweetie is in his pink shirt. You morning table looks so lovely and inviting. I never knew about baked eggs like those. What a great idea and the scones had me at "hello"...

    Thanks for sharing your morning at my Bunny Hop Party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

    ps. I also visited Bernideen and am following her too!

  22. What a lovely breakfast, and your Sweetie looks like he's having a heckuva time! It's also inspired me to try baked eggs--yum!If you're so inclined, come visit me at
    Keep up the good work! :0)

  23. Your breakfast garden tea is sublime. I love the baked eggs and the scones - they just jump out of the screen with deliciousness! You have the best of company, a lovely setting and glorious atmosphere - Delightsome. I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  24. Very lovely! The scones look delicious!!


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