Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tea with the Birds

Martha hosts this  beautiful site each week  and today
I   identified    my  guests in the  birdhouse as an English Sparrow  family
House Sparrow, F. C. Hennessey 


This sweet photo captured the hungry   baby  bird   even though I missed the top of  papa's head!  heheheh
I suppose the teacher  that still resides in me  is  always  seeking to    learn something  new each day, so one of my afternoon pleasures is to   do a bit of bird research over a  cup of   fine tea and   a  bite of something!!  In honor of the  English Sparrow  family I chose today to   celebrate over  a cup of Yorkshire Gold...  and I took my tea in  one of my favorite cups,   the Royal Albert,   the Lady Slipper  of the  Provincial Flowers  collection...   

I love the black background 
juxtaposedagainst the beauty of the daintily exquisite 

lady slippers.

I was  thrilled to read  in  my 2012 March/April edition of  Teatime about    Yorkshire Gold tea,   produced   by the    distinguished  Taylors of Harrogate...  
The article    claimed that  "Taylor's Yorkshire line is one of the UK's most popular, with more than 10 million  cups consumed daily!"...  Well, today,  it was  1o million and 1, as I  very joyfully  enjoyed my repast  !  I was  so thrilled to find  my tea at Fresh Market!
So  I    think it may be said as  the huge anglophile that I am  I will gladly celebrate  any bit of  the English that     touches my life,  even  the    visitation of the English sparrow!   
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  1. Oh, the baby bird with its mouth open is precious! I love your tea cup and saucer. The flowers really stand out on the black background. Thanks for sharing, Michelle

  2. Yorkshire is def one strong cuppa ~ it'll put the starch in you for the day as they say :) !
    glad you enjoyed the birdies along with the beauty & TY for sharing all this JoY with us readers...

  3. Dear Schotzy,

    This is truly delightful post about the English Sparrow.., Thanks for sharing your Yorkshire tea repast, and the interesting trivia about that lovely tea, and especially the pretty teacup; your Royal Albert teacup with the Lady Slipper of the Provincial Flowers collection, motif...And also for sharing the darling bird pictures with us.., Oh my, that hungry baby sparrow is indeed adorable, ( even if you did accidentally, 'cut it's head off' in the picture).., Hehe!

    You are always most warmly welcome to visit, 'my little corner of 'Tuesday Tea Time In Blogland' as well, anytime of the week. I would love to have you also pop by to visit and say 'hello'.

    Have amarvelous and blessed week dear lady.

    Cheers, hugs and blessings from Wanda Lee

  4. Well said! I too gladly embrace many things English!
    Your tea cup is just stunning! Those dramatic colors and beautiful flowers make is truly special.
    I also love birdwatching! One can always find new things to learn each day....one of my favorite things about being alive.

  5. Dad would probably say, "at least you didn't cut his feet off!" :) Cute picture!! :)

    love you and hope you're having a good week.

    ps- did you go out for a walk or 2??


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