Monday, June 4, 2012

Breakfast with a Punch!


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I dont think it is any surprise to anyone that  breakfast is our favorite meal  , especially served on the porch.   These cool  late spring  mornings just lend themselves to  a leisure time  spent 
 al fresco...   and for me the  creative  cooking juices are at their  height  at this time!
Today  I   decided to play around with my baked egg dish that I shared about a few weeks ago...  
 Baked Scrambled Eggs
IN a baking dish
2 T. Butter and  1 chopped  scallion
add 4eggs , stirred as if  for scramble\ing,  
season with salt and pepper
  4  fresh picked basil leaves, roughly chopped
1/2 c grated parmesan cheese
bake in  prepared over at 375 for  about 15-20 minutes,
This will puff up  like a baked quiche..
  absolutely divine and  much fewer calories and less expensive.
Later  we  enjoyed  a  delicious  glass of energy on ice!
I read about  the benefits of  these teas in   Woman's World magazine...
The article  expounded the  health benefits of green tea,  which  Ive always known  but it also  introduced to me the idea of   white tea, and another tea, pu-erh  which I have yet to find in the shops....  But Im still looking!!
The recipe I    made    taken  from  the  article  was a bit    changed due to my lack of  ingredients   but  was so  tasty and refreshing  I want to keep it on hand.
Lemon Tea Cooler 

Bring 8 oz of water to a boil, add
3 white tea bags 
3 green tea bags
several  fresh ginger slices
steep for 5 minutes  
remove tea bags and  ginger slices Pour into a heat proof pitcher and stir in 2 T fresh lemon juice
cool, then chill.
Serve over ice, add lemon slices  I used  sugar free sweetener to taste.
Makes 8 servings...
    I actually had   1 tarragon tea bag that I added for  an extra punch....   and I think  any  herbal  tea  or flavored tea would be  delicious with this...  Im still looking for the pu-erh  tea,  but  this combination of green and white tea and ginger is  

  • full of  antioxidants
  •     appetite cutting  
  • metabolism boosting 
  • healthful 
  •   delicious 


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