Thursday, June 21, 2012

Soup Glasses

A Delightsome Life
This is the third Thursday of June   which means it is thrifting week at The Delightsome Life where Kathy hosts this  wonderful    theme  each week.
Previously I shared about  preparing for  my luncheon I had today....   and I was so inspired by the   wonderful  recipes  in  Tea Time magazine... when I saw the gazpacho  recipe    which I shared in the previous  post,  I  knew that would  be just the thing to take the heat off  our  visit!!   In the  first photo you  met  my dear friends, Dottie, Judy, Lynne, and Colleen!  and if you look closely,  you'll see our gazpacho, first course!...    But as I was  mixing up  the delightful  mixture,     I was thinking...  what one earth will I serve them in!
 I needed dainty  bowls,  or  glasses,  but alas, I had nothing...  then I remembered as I have been  dispensing with my mom's household  and  preparing their home for sale, I had cleared out her china cupboard and found 6 champagne glasses  that I had laid  aside for  an estate sale.... I hurriedly  sent  my hubby over to retrieve them...  and they were the perfect  serving size!!!
  Now  how  thrifty is that... free!!!   Now that isnt likely to happen to me anytime soon!     For me now  because I love  gazpacho so much, I need to keep these glasses....  I  now need to find  storage space for them...   That will come at a dear price, ...... I  need  storage space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a thrifty and ingenious idea to use them!

  2. CUte idea! Can you post the recipe?

    love you,

  3. Cute idea! Love how it turned out! Gazpacho sounds fabulous right now!


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