Monday, June 4, 2012

In a Manner of Speaking

A Delightsome Life
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Kathy of   The Delightsome Life  hosts this  beautiful theme each week...   and  Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog   hosts  Thrifty Treasures...   Now Im not usually into  thrifting unless Im trying to think of ways  to  remove  items from  our home....  but  last week, I had a weak moment..  being totally devoted to all things  British  I  can not  pass up  anything that speaks  tea time and such  to  when I  saw these two items at a consignment shop  I  gave in....

  the  Harry and David  collector jar    

  just seemed  like the  perfect storage container for the multitude of  various tea bags I  have  accumulated....   and at $7.00  it  suited me as I had seen similar jars for twice that much....   but not as  simple and  complimentary  to my  kitchen a s this one... 
 But the piece de resistance'
  was this  lovely  melamine tray...  

 I love that it is melamine... lightweight, durable, and    just a huge bargain a t $3.oo!

The next thing you know  Im enjoying   an afternoon  reverie    with    my  ice cold glass of  Lemon Tea Cooler,  biscotti, and fruit cup!!!

 and perusing my book, 
In the Royal  Manner
Expert Advice on Ettiquette and Entertainment from the former Butler to Diana Princess of Wales....
Paul Burrell
  I love  reading his book...    his twenty year connection  with British royalty has  instilled in him an easy    grace  that  extends itself into every word..  
The book is chock full of  delightful entertaining ideas and recipes,
 as well as tips and proper guidelines for service and     party planning...    Not that I am planning  a lavish affair anytime soon,  however, just to read on  them  lifts  my ideals and  inspires me to  be   a more gracious hostess ...who knows..perhaps an event  is just around the corner!!!

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  1. Hello Schotzy,
    This is such a lovely post - I can see why you just couldn't pass it up! I love the melamine plate - it is gorgeous - would look lovely hanging on the wall! The cookbook looks amazing - I do so appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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