Monday, June 25, 2012

Delightsome Rest

A Delightsome Life
Kathy of   The Delightsome Life  hosts this  beautiful theme each week...      today    Kathy  shared  a wonderful  listing of  scriptures that  help to bind our hearts in communion and fellowship with the living God,  especially  as w e begin a new week, and attempt   put  the previous   excitements,  disappointments, frets, and    busy-ness  behind us....  to  find our peace,  our serenity, in  the One who loves us most and best,   our Father, Abba, in heaven...  
  I love that....     and it makes me  sit back and put my  Monday into perspective!
  Lately,  our  main purpose in life has been  taking care of  my Mom and Dad  
who a re living in  Assisted living now...
 the  finances,  the  insurance,  medical concerns,    their laundry, 
 getting their home cleared out and  ready to sell...   

everyday is a new challenge...  and  this weekend it  was  regarding  their automobile...   should we  sell  or keep it...  this weekend  we thought we had a buyer  but they wanted  the  cosmetic  concerns  negotiated and we needed to have today we  were out all day    trying to get them...   so many    obstacles...  then  so much  money  for  the little  things that needed doing....   the balancing act we were trying to achieve  was  tumbling around us....      our  minds  were   filled  way past capacity of  frets, and concerns, and  figures, and  questions.... and with  more  appointments tomorrow ... 
  we  decided to just  take a drive   through the country... 
 in the mountains with the  windows down, and the wind  blowing away the cobwebs.... 
   What a glorious day  the Lord provided for us.... 
  clear,    breezy,     bright,   the  air so clear and  fresh!!!

I breathed  deeply  and  began to put put  trust and faith in the one who  created it all!   Who was  still in control,  holding all things together....  who knew all things, especially,  exactly, what we were  going through and had a plan laid out for us if we would but  trust Him to pave the way....
we  arrived  home  this evening  tired    but not    disheartened...   we still had questions   but soon  the answer came!
  The answering machine  told us  the  buyers  had  rescinded their offer...  and I realized immediately  that I was thrilled...   
because I know now it isn't the time to sell,,,  and  I think I don't even want to sell...  What peace comes knowing that  God  knew all along  what we needed and even though we may jump through hoops of our own making....   in the end,,, we will have God's perspective and then  we have  His gospel rest!  I thank Kathy for her timely  post on  resting  in the Lord....  and I especially  praise the Lord  for  plying His  Truth in our lives and  always  providing  the answers and the needs  if we will  but  put our trust in Him!   Tomorrow  when  I  keep my appointments  it will be  with a fresh perspective... one that will  be  a blessing instead of a problematic  situation!
  When  we have God at the helm, of our life,  and we   purpose to  give up the reins of control,     we  do find  a delightsome  peace and  purpose  that   surpasses all understanding !
Photobucket                                                   Let me ne'er forget   from now on to  begin  my day    with a spot  of tea    in a favored  cup,   
but  mainly  with  the Word of the Lord  refreshing and transforming my mind  that I may ever remain in His rest!!!
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  1. Good morning, Later that day I needed those scriptures myself. God knows what lies ahead of us and amazingly grants us such peace - my heart has been drawn so much lately to desire God reflect His love more...with events in our lives it is such a challenge - I know it is difficult to manage all these things for your parents - you will be so glad you were able to be there for them. I am so glad God reached through those words to touch your heart - you've uplifted mine too! Hugs and I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  2. Your parents look so sweet. I'm glad the Lord gave you direction and peace. There's nothing like his loving care.

  3. Beautiful post! Your parents look so lovely. Life is so long (if we are lucky) and has so many stages to go through. My parents are getting older, close to 80. Time has flown by!
    Wishing you the very best.


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