Monday, June 4, 2012

Storage Dilemma

I am  sharing on Seasonal Sundays..
and  I  have really  deliberated on    why... because I am opening   my blog followers up to the truth and reality of my  storage problems...
 Beautiful china  has always been my weakness, but I am  terribly limited  in the storage issue!
 Even as I type I have some wonderful china at my mom's home that  I want to bring here  but I have nowhere to store it....
Believe me,   some ideas are  brewing about the resolution of this dilemma, but meanwhile I  will go ahead and share a bit of the  mixed up places I have  stored  some items.  Now you  must  know that I live in a 1930's house... and  storage  of china wasnt exactly  on  the  radar ...  I have very limited kitchen storage...
Of course. I have my one kitchen cabinet  designated for  everyday  dishes and  I do  have  4 sets   stored there, but  I also have  a kitchen hutch..

This is where I house  my  red transferwear and  some of my  South Hampton  Whites ...

 the   bottom of this  hutch is filled with  seasonal    decorations  and Christmaswear..
The built-ins in the sunroom beside the sofa  offer a bit of space..

Here I  keep my  wedding china  that I seldom use, and my porcelain from Germany, also with a few odd pieces of Emerson Creek Pottery...

  The  corner cupboard  is pretty much loaded..
My best china is kept at the ready here..
  The bottom  houses  more Christmas  china, platters,  entertainment pieces, etc...  I realize  my photos  didnt come out very clear...  poor lighting!
 Also,    I am realizing that  there are a few other places   that I am unwilling to reveal  ....  perhaps  this will really  inspire me to  get on the ball do a   major reorganization project....!  HA!


  1. You are braver than I, "I did NOT share a post THIS TIME"!!! As I type I have a box SITTING next to me FILLED with teacups. AND I'm going to CONFESS that I don't have a CLUE where the saucers are, UGH!!! They are in a SAFE PLACE!!! Hmmm. I think your china closets are wonderful, and thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Big Hugs,

  2. You have some marvelous furniture pieces for storing your lovely china. Places you're unwilling to share...LOL..I have to admit, it takes a good portion of trust to share the hidey holes that I use to store my dishes. I always feel very vulnerable right before I click the 'publish' button. I do appreciate that I've picked up some neat storage ideas from other bloggers. Maybe they'll help me figure out where I'm going to store the 47 plates that I bought at an estate sale this weekend. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  3. I hope it inspires and helps you. I borrowed some great ideas from everyone ever since this party started. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays.


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