Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Braised Beef and Rice

The Friday Foodie  hosted at Rattlebridge Farm     serves up  everything about food on Fridays, and I   wanted to share a bit of  supper  we  had last night that  we both enjoyed  so much....  and it was so simple...   Every  month I purchase    lean  beef cubes  cut up for stew  to keep in the freezer   and  so after I had thawed it, I  did as  always...  braised (stewed it in  about 4 fingers of water  slowly over low heat  for  about 3 hours  with  an envelop of  dried onion soup  to season it...  this  then has always  been  the base for  a vegetable  pot or  a soup,,  but last night  I had  recently seen on The Cooking Guy show    how he  had  sauted  some  chopped   green onion along with a a few slices of fresh ginger, and  a couple of  cloves of garlic,,, and I  have been raising   fresh  leaf basil in the herb planter so I pinched some of that and  did a rough chop.  meanwhile I steamed a bit of  brown rice,  and   sauted my   veggies,    added the    cooked rice,  the  beef and its  cooked down stock,  then  tossed in the  cut basil,  stirred it all  up  while the basil  only  wilted,,,,, and served it up in a bow with  some steamed broccoli....  This was  so  tasty... the  tender morsels of  lean braised beef, the  rice  with its nutty  flavor, the  fresh basil that  brightened everything  up,   and the  savory goodness of the    reduced stock and  the bite of the sauted  veggies made for  the complete deliciousness of the dish!!!!   Lynn  said he's  gladly eat it again and again!

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