Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome Spaces

Join Shannon   on this    Cozy theme!
Last week I shared about  a new book I  purchased,
 In the Royal Manner,  expert advice on   Etiquette, entertaining , by  Paul Burrell... 

Of particular interest to me is page 23... 
Guests to Stay in Your home... 
We are reminded to 

  • check the lighting and a bedside table lamp is essential because there should be  interesting books and magazines readily  available  on a table
  • Make sure  there are extra blankets  for your guests  in case of  cooler weather  as  our  author has spent many a  sleepless night in draft old castles! 
  •  Fresh flowers are a must  to  ensure a  cheery welcome,  as well as   bottled mineral water  placed with a glass  in  the guest bathroom.  Check that there are adequate towels and an assortment of  bath salts and oils would be  a special touch!
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  • Adequate toilet tissue and  a fresh box of tissues  make guests  feel  welcome and comfortable, of course...  but a spare tooth brush, paste, disposal razor and  cotton balls   would also  be  a delightful find.
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  • A guest book  makes  guests feel exceptionally  cozy and   their  loving comments  will warm your heart long after  the guests have  departed...  especially   if the  shared  time  was in celebration of life events...  memories shared become invaluable.. I like to consider  some of the bed and breakfasts  we have  enjoyed...   the lodgings were always  very   welcoming...
Hanover, PA

Lexington, VA
Christiansburg, VA
Williamsburg, VA
Lynchburg, VA
Warwick, NY
 Attention to details make  for a very cozy, welcoming space!


  1. Those are thoughtful tips for making guests feel pampered and special. Each of the photos you showed look like lovely places to stay and each definitely look comfortable. I have stayed at a bed and breakfast one time and it was a good experience. The two rooms were decorated nicely and was very clean. The lady who owned it followed many of the tips you listed which made the stay very pleasant. Thanks for reminding us at Cozy Home Party. Join us next week if you can for the Grill,BBQ. and Picnic Party- Mon.- Thurs.


  2. Sorry, I didn't realize you had my Party button displayed. You didn't need to be reminded. Thank you very very much for doing that. Ok so now there's no excuse of forgetting so I will see you next week! Haha


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