Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Amazing Grace

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God's Word
Dear Father,  Thank you so very much for your love,   your compassion  for us,   that  even as we are  yet sinners,  Christ died for us,  to  give us eternal life....   and life here  more   abundantly...
We    do not deserve your grace,       we do not deserve your favor,   it is nothing that  we do   to warrant  any good thing,   but it is all You, Lord...  because of Your goodness  and love  we  can live, not under   the law that    was given to   show us to be sinners; that leads us to  death,  but   we  live under   Your marvelous,   amazing grace  that  leads us to new life in  Christ Jesus!  Praise  God  from  whom all blessings flow!!!!   Amen!

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  1. HI,
    Dropping in from Wordfilled Wednesday. Love your picture and the words.
    If you haven't visited Sunday Stillness I encourage you to link a picture and Scripture on Sundays.


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