Monday, February 4, 2013

One Thousand Gifts ( 409-415)

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This seems to be    the month of loving  and   sharing  and   expressing appreciation for  the dearest ones  in our lives  so Im dedicating  my posts this month   to them.

I am so thankful for
409.  My dearest  husband and partner for life....  he completes me,  he   sacrifices for me, he  shows his love for me in  a multitude  of ways, and   life would be   meaningless without him.
(He  was the one who got up a  bit earlier   when our daughter was home to pack her lunch every  day,  because of his   love and devotion to  her. Such a sweet daddy!)
410.  Now that he has  a few  medical  needs   that he never had  before, I am blessed to  be able to   help  him with his eye drops  and other   particular needs following his  cataract and MOHS  surgeries.

411.  I love the  sweet and wonderful   way he has  of blessing me first thing EVERY morning  with   coffee and  fruited yogurt.
412.  I love how   he is man enough to  allow me to take him to   the White OAk Tea Room  for his  birthday luncheon... I must  say   I was  glad  that day  there were several men in attendance,  because   the word is out that   their  food is to die for!But usually, it is all women...

413.  I love  how  compliant he is  to my  wishes to   go on  senior adult trips through our church  now that we are  retired, especially since  many of the  others a re  widowed women who  just love us and having  a younger    couple around   for fun , fellowship, and  possibly to help  them....  he  enjoys   them, too....  besides  someone  has to sit on the back of the bus  and sometimes  we sneak in a smooch!
414.  The  gorgeous roses he  gives me every Valentine's Day.... 

415..Lynn is my prince charming,  my one and only,  my  sweet baboo!   Goodness, we've been going around together now   steadily   for 45 years, and he still loves me dearly.... for that  I am so thankful!!!!

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  1. What a lovely romantic post! Love all the photographs too!


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