Monday, February 18, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (426-435)

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   I am  so thankful  for
426.    Cold   wintry days  that   warm  up to   the mid fifties   and   hint that  spring is right around the corner...
So   how  great it was today to take advantage of my  30% off  coupon  on top of President's Day  Sale  items...   I  was  blessed to  get to   a few  springy  items for my  home and porch!

427. doctors and  the technology to   clear our eyes of cataracts...  Lynn has  had  surgery on both eyes, still praying for  his vision to clear....

428. the warm sunlight that filters through my window and warms  me to my toes.
429.  Creative thoughts and  dreams for   springtime  redo-s around   the  house.....  praying for time to  implement them.
430.  visits no matter  how   short they are  with  Amanda and Josh... they arrive her for 2 days  tomorrow night!
431.  a successful estate sale  over this last weekend, where many  big items  were sold to very   nice  families and   it was   so sweet to  see  the faces of   folks  excited about their purchases.  Mom's home has the   round   canopy over the door...   These cars  were parked there on Saturday,  on  Sunday   both sides of  the street were  filled   and  even up and down the side streets...

here is one item in the sale that  I decided I jsut couldnt  give up...   a  apiting  my mom had   up  in her home since I was a teen....  a  picutre I always  associated with myself... ponytail and  all.  I slipped over   right before  the sale and  slipped it away to my is now  hanging  here on the wall in my studio....  a sweet reminder of   all the homes  my parents  lived in  since I  was born  and left home....  Im so glad I got it!!!!

432.  that  we have a  wonderful  Father in heaven who knows  how  badly we need to sell   mom and dad 's home and we can put our trust and faith in Him  for   the outcome!
434.  for  dear friends  whom we  can and  do count on to help  us  in times of  trial and trouble.....  I am thinking particularly of   3,  Dottie, Bill, and  David....praise the Lord!!

435.  opportunities   to   practice  grace   and the love of  Jesus  in our daily lives....   

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