Sunday, February 3, 2013

Down the Spiral... Staircase to the Servants Quarters

I was  blog hopping and  saw on  Between Naps of the Porch,  the   Downton Abbey  ...Who a re you ?  quiz...   I  took  this  same quiz  over the holidays  and   I  came out to be  poor Lady Edith....  

I wasnt  too ecstatic with  that  one  because   her  prospects   have always  seemed so gloomy.. but at least I was   a landed   lady of  high  society.

but today I have  slidden down the ladder of  society...

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

You are Anna Smith, head housemaid of Downton. You are basically the best employee ever. Competent, practical and tough, you can handle anything life throws at you - whether it’s rude colleagues, secretive romantic partners or surprise dead bodies in the workplace. Your kindness and loyalty are to be admired, and that Bates fellow should really recognize what a catch you are

 Well, we can Aspire to be Lady Mary..... but dreams can only take us  so far!!!!


  1. I was Anna, and that made me quite happy. She's a strong, good woman. She and Cybil have been my favorite characters all along.

  2. I have to admit, I too, love Anna... and one of my favorite segments of the show is her storyline with Bates..... Free Bates!!!!!!!


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