Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (436-443)

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   I am  so thankful  for
436.  The   sound of the   winter  rain    pelting   against the   roof....the life giving   resource of   rain is   such  a  wonderful   gift 
437.  the  signs  that  spring   can't be far  away
438.  time   to spend freely.... blogging....  in my  retirement  and  the respite  because of the weather
439. left overs  in the fridge ,       
440.  the seasons of  life,  that   appear bad,,,  yet,  which   always  bring   silver linings  of grace, hope, and  blessing  if we dont  get into the doldrums  of    circumstances...    remind me to keep looking  up!
441.   the blessing of a good friend,  who   is carrying on for us at the other house, (  scraping  wall paper paste,  painting,  etc,   because Lynn is unable to   carry on  due to his   eye surgery  
442.  so  blessed by  various  ministeries  on  cable   that   supplement  and   inspire   truths    developed in  the local church.....   I am referring mainly to the  Joseph Prince ministeries.  His teaching this morning  on  grace versus  law  was   so dynamic!
443.  the precious   couple of days  we were able to spend with our daughter and son-in law- last week,   made  so much more   dear  because  we have no  plan  for  future  visits  in  the foreseeable future....  when the time is right, God will make a way.  

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