Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring is on its Way!

Even though the   rain is  pelting down  in frozen pellets,    new life is springing forth from the  garden,  the  jonquils are  attempting to bloom today!
Of course, then, it's time to  bring out  the  bunnies and   begin  celebrating   the season of  new birth!!!!
Tabletops  throughout the house are  enlivened by the promise of  spring....  it  puts me in such a  cheery mood,  a tea break is  in the offing...
To quote, C.S. Lewis, 
Tea should be taken in solitude.
 Time to   enjoy    Royal Albert's   Provincial  Floral Series,  Alberta Rose,    with  a  bit  of  cinnamon  tea to chase away  the chill!

Peeking out from  under  an arbor of roses    the tea  offers  up its  savory sweetness to  co-mingle with their  marvelous scent!
 With the fresh  fruit  at hand,  my  cup of  spicy  warmth,   I take up  my  book,    Wings of Silver,
a lovely  compilation of  words  taken from    Jo Petty's  Introduction ...  "All the  wise  thoughts
have been thought already, thousands of times, but to make them truly ours,  we must think them over and over  again honestly until  they  take place in our personal experience." 
 This lovely book , a gift to my mother  many years ago,  sat on her  coffee table  over the decades,  seldom opened  in recent time,  but now savored  for its  wisdom and  glory,  for much of its text  originates  from  God's Word!
A  wondrous  book to  mull over  with tea!
One  truth  in the section  entitled, "Joy"...
 "The flower that follows the sun  does so even on cloudy days"
... such   a word of wisdom  that even  the   flowers of the field  understand yet,  man  can not seem to  hold on to...  we may grasp it for a time,  then  it  falters  when  cloudy days  come....
We truly may remember the  lilies  of the field...   

Luke 12:27

 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
All   they   do is keep  looking  up....   all they need  is provided  by    the  Father!
 A  bit of time carved out of an afternoon  to  cherish  a cup a tea  over  some  wonderful  words of life and joy!...  these words  really spoke to the  wanderlust in  my  heart...
"To be happy at home is the ultimate   aim of all ambition.... he is happiest who finds his peace   in his home.....A man travels the world over   in search of   what he needs, and returns home to find it"....
  and    a    really   wonderful one to live by..
  "activity and sadness  are incompatible"....

 Well,  back to  my teatime,  before the  chill robs me of its  grandeur!

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  1. A pretty tea table, love the ceramic bunny.

  2. The ceramic bunny has always been a favorite of mine... it was my mom's... when she gave up housekeeping, that was one item I had to keep to remind me of the creatvie and beautiful home she always made for us!

  3. Oh Schotzy I love the bunny! And that RA series is a favorite. All the teacups are so lovely! I haven't thought about that book for years....thanks for the reminder. I'm ready for spring too!

  4. Oh what a lovely table vignette. Love your precious bunny. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Lovely Spring vignettes! I'm feeling Spring in the air after seeing them!
    sandy :)

  6. Beautiful! I'm ready for spring! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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