Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sailing Around the World

This very exciting  video      is super  special to me...  Not that I know   Mike Golding,  but  I   do have a  tiny  bit  of something in common with him...   88 days ago  he and I  set sail around the world....  he  for real!!!!  I   have been and am   doing a virtual sail  around the world and it has been  so   great....  tracking the true  skippers  and   trying to keep up  in my   virtual  way....   I started out in  98,000th place   along with  476,000 other  virtual sailors...   I  have  fluctuated from  130,000th  down to   my current  rank of 108, 245th place..  starting  from scratch knowing  absolutely nothing, I  have   learned a  teensy bit about  winds and currents....    doldrums and   gale force...   watching the  true skippers  negotiate   placid seas sailing along side whales  and  dolphins   was so  beautiful,   watching the   turgid  billowing  waves, the   troughs and   ridges of the  waves, the  change from   summer  in the  south seas  to the  winter  in the north,   has  alll been  fascinating  to  "experience".   I  still am 2,270 nautical miles asea " traveling" north east  adjacent to  the northern tip  of  Africa  heading   north east  near the Straits of  Gibraltar...toward   my destination  of  Les Sables D'olonne,  France  from  which we  set sail  at 10am  November  10, 2012.   This Vendee  Globe  race  occurs  every 4 years  and  will  I   go again?   You bet 'cha I will.   

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