Monday, September 21, 2015

A Running Flame

I love the change of seasons when I can in earnest make changes to the house  that  make a seasonal statement..
  One of the reasons I love  Victoria Bliss magazine so much is  for the  delightful sentiments shared  in many articles...  like this one....
Autumn burned brightly,  a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees.  
~Faith Baldwin
 I think that  line   inspired me in my    fiery decor this  season!
Upon entering  the home you   are met by  the welcoming   creatures so prominent in our   yard....  who are drawn to the  blazing  light of   a cheerful   hello..." Welcome to  our   home.  come  on in and   sit a while and enjoy  some fresh brewed tea!"
As you  rest on the   sofa  your eyes will  be  alight with  the  warmth of the  mantel..

It  recieved  a visitation of myriad  leafy branches,  gourds, pumpkins, and  fairy lights to set them all ablaze.
 My  sweet  black cat that my  dear mother crafted  in her heyday of   creative arts will be my only tribute to  the October holidays,,,,,   for me.. I am   already  into the bountiful harvest theme.. for there is so much for which to be thankful!

 I have  transformed  late summer sunflower  arrangements  into autumnal   clusters by  removing the cooler colors and  adding the  warmth of  gold and  orange!
 These gingko branches seem to be  overtaking the   sideboard,  but  I do love them so much....   My favorite   autumn tree is the  bright yellow of  the silver maples!

 This year my addition to the   autumn visitors  to the table   is  this  lovely Native  American couple...   as well, they   are and were  very welcome  to the feast of  Thanksgiving!
 I am loving my new  salad plates that I am using along with  my  black transferware.  I   had been wanting something seasonal for  fall...  YAYAYAYA!

 The sideboard  side of the  room  hosts my  gorgeous prints  I  purchased while in Ireland...  of the  village of  Adare, and the Gap of Dunloe! They serve as a reminder of the  wonder  time we had but also  focus  my praise on the Lord for   His   amazing creation and    mighty acts!

I wish ya'll stay for supper....  we have a lovely pork roast in the oven.. more than plenty....please  plan on  stayin' a spell....  we have so much we could  talk about
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  1. Looks like fall! ...also looks like mossy bunny still needs ear surgery! ;-D

    love you,


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