Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Fave Five

Click the icon to return to Susanne's Place....It's Friday and that means it's time to look at the blessings and good things in our last week. Find your five favourites and then share them .
1.I started Tuesday Morning Bible study at my church. and we are doing Priscilla Shirer's  study  The Armor of God, which   go  right along with    concepts presented in  the film, War Room.  Let me just  say here, if you haven't seen that film,..  please go.. it will change your life....   Each new day of  study motivates me and gives me hope in this desperate world.
2.  I love my   church friends....  and even if   for some reason  we  are separated...   maybe, a couple will leave  your church and attend another,,   because of the shared love of Christ  we can still pick up years later  in our  friendship  when  we happen  upon  each other... like last night we got to  dine  at  a restaurant  with a    large group of  believers   prior to attending a Prophecy meeting... and     we found ourselves seated beside  dear friends  we hadn't seen in a few   wonderful   that in   the love in which we all partake  we could  be ourselves. ....  immediately sharing  about our lives, our families,   our wishes,   laughing and   crying together  over  things that   were  beyond our control yet  knowing that  with God   things  always  work out for the best in every situation.  What a blessing!
3. I have always  wanted to learn how to  turn a digital photo into a water color....   and I happened upon again an old friend on facebook who posted  one of hers...  I love messenger... what a great way to chat  about  personal things  quickly and with instant  gratification!  We do love that don't we? She  cued me in on a great  FB group called Artistry Beyond the Camera ,whereby I was  inspired to go ahead and  sign up for a 30 day trial of Photo Shop 13.. and I  poked around on the site until I was able to  create a bit of magic!  The first photo is a shot  I took form a moving  tour bus in Northern Ireland...  With just a few actions I  could transform  the image....    to look more like a painting.... this   may not be a masterpiece, but for me it gives me hope of  the promise of  much more that I  can do given the  time and motivation!


The way our home is situated on the lot, I basically have to look straight up to see the sky....  for a  sunset  lover, that   can  be  rather sad, especially during these  late summer afternoon... when the sky is  bright and   fiery  with the setting sun.  Even thought the myriad trees that  define our boundaries  the  glowing radiance  blesses my heart as I remember the  saying my  grandpa  used to   tell again and again,  red sky at night, sailor's delight... so I can count on another   lovely September  day   tomorrow!
I love  early evenings  when the   sunlight is   so filtered that  the   lamplights   are  first  turned on...  the   cosy  glow  a single lamp can add to the reading nook... it draws me right in.... I believe this is may favorite time of the day!


  1. One of my fave times of the day is late afternoon/early evening as well...especially in the early autumn, summer, and late spring. Your photo is very inviting indeed!! Enjoyed your list of faves.

  2. I may be going to see War Room this week. Excited to see this new film. Love sunsets. It's fun to play with photos in different editing programs isn't it?

  3. When I read your #1, I was reminded that I am supposed to get show times to two friends so that we can go see The War Room on Tuesday night. ... How cool that your new Bible study goes along with this movie.

    I am going to check out that fb group you mentioned. And I love how you could actually turn a photo into a water colour. Now that IS magic!

    BTW - I visited southwest Ireland in the early 90's and it was a GREAT visit. I hope to go back sometime. And I am coming back to your blog to poke around!

  4. A friend and I may go see The War Room tomorrow. I've heard so many raves about it.
    It's so true about having the friends who you can always pick right back up with although you haven't seen them for decades. It's truly a blessing.


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