Monday, September 21, 2015

One Thousand Gifts ( 762-770)

Ann Voskamp introduced us to    the daily habit of    finding the joy  all around us   in her book, 1000 Gifts. On her website she encourages   taking part in the Joy Dare    and your  can find everything you need to know here!Here is my Joy Dare for  the fourth week of September with Ann Voskamp

762.How  precious was   sharing  the joy  of our grand daughter this morning  as she modelled  a  special  gift from her "Aunt Jenny"..Birdie was in  seventh heaven  as  she   donned her  pair of jammies  all by herself....
Aunt Jenny had  given her the book  Madeleine , and even though  Birdie is just almost 2    she knows the story by heart and  can  finish  every line!
Girl's Mad About Madeline Girl Cotton Pajamas - 3T
763.  My joy this morning  was   in   finishing   the first week of   Bible study...   and creating  by very  first strategic  prayer card.. using the beautiful  promises of  God in His word!

764.  I am   ecstatically  excited about   learning a new  artsy   technique.. a dear  friend has promised to  take time to  show me the mechanics of  doing something like this using   special photos...
Now isnt that   lusciously beautiful!

765.  The Lord   in His perfect provision  has   suddenly offered us the  first true taste of autumn... I am loving these  beautiful temperatures..  

766. How  my   heart  flipped over when I  walked into the guest room where my  hang up clothes are kept and where we  process the  folding and ironing of clothes and my dearest had  so very neatly folded my laundry...  all ready for me to  choose  from tomorrow  when I return to church  for  Bible Study..  God blessed me so much with  my  sweet husband!

767. This morning  as we  talked on speaker phone it was  a  sweet blessing to hear  little Bird  saying  " Hiiiiiiiigh!   and then  "Bye Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" That was the first time she had  ever  said   the second Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....  Soooooooo  touching to   see her grow a little bit more each day!

768.  As I have been doing my study   it is truly amazing to  begin to grasp the love of the father for His children....  how forgiving He truly is....  I am humbled   by His mercy..   yet  how can I be so   wayward to  do  the   sin yet again.....  Praise His holy name He   take our sins on  account!

769.  Another   beautiful and precious   sound is  to   hear and watch   our   adorable  Birdie   sing her favorite  hymn...   and she isnt even 2 yet...   the hymn. is ' Holy, Holy, Holy!!

770.  The  sweetest  curve I can think of and  I do think of it  a lot is  this...naturally curly hair!!!

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