Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Takes me Back to Merry Olde Ireland

I am loving  this    autumn-like weather, even though we still have   a few days   to go  to actually
  call it "Fall".
This   cool weather  brings to mind   my   lovely  Irish   travels.
Last spring we were in  Ireland for two weeks  and it was   a dream come true,   but  I wonder what it would be like  to be there in Autumn.

In actuality it is much like here in Virginia

Until   the rugged landscape, architecture, and   mountains   come into view...

Then    my    longings for   the old country   really    start nagging me until my only recourse is to  take out  the Irish Breakfast Tea,  my  lovely  dainty  tea cup.....
I chose  Staffordshire Bouquet by Johnson Brothers  becasue I  love their  boldly muted  colors  that remind me of    autumn....
and bake up a loaf of Irish soda  bread ...
This morning I used Ina Garten's recipe  that I shared this week  on  Mondays Happy Homemker.

Now I   am  beginning to  feel the  Irish spirit   come upon me.. the aroma of the  freshly baked bread, and  the   delightful  scent of   warm Irish tea  definitely puts a jig in my step and a lilt in my heart! 

now  to

 slice the bread and slather it  with  melted  Kerrygold and   while away an hour  in   Irish reverie!
 The music found at the bottom of my blog is just the mood for  my celtic reflections!
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  1. What lovely memories you have of Ireland. Irish Breakfast tea and Irish soda bread are a perfect way to reminisce about the old country. Yours is a very pretty setting with your lovely teacup and the blue of the napkins. Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy your day.


  2. What a beautiful posting that makes our heart smile. I love the table setting, cup and saucer of of course - of course let's mention that lovely bread!!!

  3. Your lovely teacup is perfect for the fall!

  4. pretty cup! and your soda bread looks delish- yum yum yum. would be super tasty on a cold night w/ some irish (guinness) beef stew!

    love you,

  5. Beautiful! Going to Ireland is on my bucket list. In a few weeks hubby and I will be in New England. Looking forward to seeing gorgeous fall colors. Love your cup and the tea and bread sound delicious! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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