Monday, September 28, 2015

Wallah! All Done at Last

Change around the home   is   wonderful...  
Heretofore,  my 1930's kitchen  was   just bereft of storage  or   utility..on the  one long way opposite the sink  there was nothing but a furnace flue in the corner...  so for  extra  storage I  put  a hutch there.. which  served us well enough  for  several years..
 photo Workonfloorsandamandasbd016-1.jpg
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As you can see the other side of the kitchen  was   very  small   and  actually only suitable for one  cook at a time.  But  Lynn was well trained to  use  the space on  winter mornings  to make the family  waffle  breakfasts!!  Our  very plain  solid wood birch cabinets  were  efficinet,  but  not nearly enough  and  we won't discuss again that I only had 2 drawers....
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 But this past  late spring  we   had only one purpose ~to  redo  that  kitchen...   and  bring it into the  21st century anyway!  Our  English Tudor home  will never   have an open concept,   but  that isnt a priority  for us.. We love  the cosiness of our home and attempted to keep that same  country cottage  feel of it..
  I have posted before  how we  incorporated our old cabinet  bodies  into the new design  with new  cabinet doors, but  these  horrid  over the sink lights had to go!
So after  we   installed our wonderful  plantation shutters  we   were able to install our new pendants...
Which I think  goes a long way in updating and    I do  really love my  paint color..  Rolling Pebble by  Behr.
without the flash
 and with it....
 So now  on the other side of the kitchen...  we have a  computer work station... Yes, it is  absolutely  too full of stuff  I can't seem to decide  how to manage  all  my gear...  but Im getting there.  Computers and printers are  bigger than you think they are... but now that I am  a Grannie to two  little  tykes,  I absolutely couldnt keep all my  mess  in their room....  So before   Birdie's little  sis   gets here  we had to make  a way  ....  and  now  I have many more cabinets for the  myriads of  dishes I collect!  yayayayayay!
 YOU might also notice our  under the cabinet lights....  I   love those so much in the evening...Our daughter  said  a few weeks ago when she saw it,   "Gee, mom, why didnt you do this   when  I was still at home...."
 And now beside my ugly old flue I have  my floor to ceiling pantry  which I love so much!   
  My new fridge and  dishwasher  beside it     bring me   hopping in the  present time.....

Ok, I still have my old stove... everything in it's time is what I always say!
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  1. Your kitchen looks wonderful and I'm so happy for you! Now I must say I was coveting that white porcelain looking range you had! I love vintage stoves. Your shutters look great and the pendant looks wonderful with it all! Yay for you! Now you know you can't cook and mess it up for a while! ;)

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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