Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joy Dare Continued..(771-779)


Ann Voskamp introduced us to    the daily habit of    finding the joy  all around us   in her book, 1000 Gifts. On her website she encourages   taking part in the Joy Dare    and you can find everything you need to know here!Here is my Joy Dare for  the last week of September with Ann Voskamp

771.I am  thankful  to live in the information age.. where  any possible  item can be researched  almost immediately.. and if I can't have one of my own,,, I  am  joyful to live in a world where   these   beautiful  creatures  give such love and  dedication to their owners..

772. It has become more evident every day as I am leading the small group in our women's Bible study on Ephesians 6 and the weapons of our warfare.. that the enemy of our soul wants nothing more than to deter us and keep us at bay through whatever means his crafty, deceptive will can devise.... I have been battling recurring pain in my knee.... it isn't an arthritic pain, just a nagging pain that I am putting solely on the enemy's  hand and I have given him notice that he has no power over me or my flesh.. to get out in the name of Jesus and I have prayed for the Lord to restore to me what the enemy has stolen from me and my knee is much better...praise God for His provision to battle that which comes against us in both the spirit and physical realm!
773.  Thank you, Lord for giving our area  a beautiful sunshiny day  .. a respite from the  past  very rainy days .. our rain guage  registered  14 inches of rain in a week...   the rivers a re out of their banks and  the ground is saturated.... 
 but  Lord, you heve given   us  a  lovely day  and  bright sunshine   today and a time for  waters to recede... in preparation for the  coming predicted  onslaught of    the ravages of  Hurricane Joachin that may begin  late tonight and  go through Monday ..  yes, we  had a bit of water  that  inched its way   somehow  under our  sunroom slab and    invaded our storeroom in our basement...  but  that has been corrected and  we have had the time today to take measures to  hopefully  dissuade that from happening again... We pray, Lord for protection   from  ruin  from this   coming  event...for ourselves and all who are in its path...  We pray for protection  of life and property, in Jesus name!
774.  I thank you Lord,  for    allowing  us to  finally  finish the    work   we started  in early summer   to  renovate our kitchen...   allowing us to  invest   some   money in our home for as  the  financial forecast  seemed bleak,  I felt in my spirit that  investing in our real estate  was  the  best way to  lay claim and  protect  our investments..especially as we do hope to  be downsizing    sooner rather than later,  if time goes on.... Anyway,   everything worked out beautifully, and  my dream of a  modern yet  cosy kitcken  has become reality... We couldn't  nor would we have,  if  we didnt trust you in all things, Lord...
775.  My most precious  gift that is flourishing is  my precious  2 year old  grand daughter....
I love to see her  each week on facetime  how she is connecting the dots    in her world  .. here   she is  turning the pages of  her momma's  piano music, and  she is singing Old McDonald as she turns the pages..
776. At this very moment I am receiving a gift unexpected.....

The  absolute last  item to  complete the  kitchen reno   is  being tackled as I type....   Hubby  has had so much to  accomplish that had been  pushed aside as he  worked   so   determinedly  at  the hands-on work in the kitchen  that  I really  had no idea we'd get this last  "cherry on top: 0r not!!!    But  as we  were  deciding on  all the finishes  for the  lights and  appliances  etc,   that old white / brassy ceiling fan looked so tacky...   Lynn would just say, " don''t look up!"  So I didn't and frankly I quit asking if today was  fan day   weeks ago...if you can't tell,  I will  tell you anyway... Im giddy with expectation now!!!!
777. As I sat here  thinking about  what on earth I could write about  a gift unpopular....  it suddenly came to me... of course...
As I  sat at the computer  browsing the news last night  I ran across an  hour long  speech to  Congress by  Ted Cruz    that was  given yesterday.... if you  havent seen it I encourage you to.... he  spoke on what really goes on in Washington.... Why after   4 years of   landslide victories in congress ....   when the populace  voted in  whom they thought would  help turn the tide  in our nation.....  to stop the growth of huge government and  unwarranted spending that was  bringing us down  in so many ways.... that  was putting  such a huge tax burden on our children and grand children...  Well,  ordinarily  when I  see and hear  this  kind of  speech my  apparent lack of faith  would allow it to tear me to pieces...   now I did cry,  because  you cannot hear  this speech  w/o ad nauseum...     but, today I am  not  fiercely revolting in my spirit...   but  am   calmly  taking it all to the Lord....   He, alone,  knows  what  goes on in  the dark and  He is in  ultimate control even when it appears that  the enemy is....  but God is at work... in the heavenlies  bringing about His solution and His plan... So I  can take joy in  just resting  in that knowledge and  keeping my eyes on  heavenly places!!!

One of my favorite new   additions to the kitchen is having my favorite cookbooks at my fingertips...  loving that!!!
779.  Another   gift that  brings me  a lot of delight is my  desk  organizer...     that is sort of shelved....  but  again keeps everything I need at  arms length!!!!.. and keeps the   desk area looking tidy...!!!

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