Sunday, September 13, 2015

After All is Said And Done

We are finally seeing the final touches to our kitchen reno!

I was  so excited to see Lynn  putting up  this light yesterday.... 
going from this    40 year old  recessed light  to a pendant  was somewhat tricky,   but  he figured it out   beautifully.. just need to  do a bit of final    painting and   filling in around the larger  square  hole left behind. 

 Yes,  we do still have our 40 inch  range...   too bad one cannot find a 40 incher in SS.  so  we  will  continue with   our   old one  which is  basically   fairly new anyway!
 But  I do appreciate my  new  fridge and  dish washer...  totally silent!   
Another   specialty item we have installed are under the counter lights  which are  so terrific... and I  have them on the other side of the room  at my  computer station area....  Don't have that set up yet... will  add an update  when that   occurs!
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  1. i was thinking that when you do replace the oven/range, you should have a cabinet built for pans (a long vertical cabinet like ours) w/ a small drawer above for pot holders and such. ;-D

    love you,


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