Saturday, September 19, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday A Dinner Party

I just ran across the most fun meme...   at Show and Tell Tuesday . Thankfully the linky is still up   for a couple of days, but this was   started last Tuesday,  and I  am so excited because  the theme this week is   Dinner Party...  name  5  whom I who would I invite...  Now some folks are having a Girl's Night Out Party,  but  I much prefer  mixed parties....    so  here we go.

1.   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kitchen
AKA    Chief Inspector Christopher  Foyle of  Hastings,  England   circa  WWII...  Home land  Security... he always gets his man.... While the world is at war, one man fights his own battle on the home front! This popular BBC drama set prior to the Second World War, starring Michael Kitchen as Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle, of the Hastings Police on the south coast of England. It is 1940. England stands alone against the might of Nazi Germany. Denied a transfer to aid in the war effort, Foyle is forced to remain on the home front, confronting the darkest acts of humanity on a daily basis, amongst a population caught in the grip of fear and hysteria brought on by the prospect of a seemingly inevitable invasion of England by the German armed forces. With his official driver Sam, and his subordinate, Paul Milner, Foyle investigates murders, looting and theft, crimes of opportunism, crimes of war, crimes of passion and crimes of greed. Because crime isn't stopped due to warfare.  Now for  just a taste   of   his   wonderful  persona  and acting style....  I think you'll understand     why  he has been     a well kept secret  until just   this past season  when I discovered him
 2. Dr. and Mrs. Ben Carson

What  brilliance, grace and integrity. much like   Mr. Kitchen   from   entertainment,   Dr. Carson is understated  but man oh man is he ever  a dynamo  in  a  gentleman's   wrapper....  what genteel  yet   engaging   conversation would flow around  the table..  Heroic in  the medical field and     yet  willing to put his life on hold to   serve his  nation....  I  can only hope that  Americans are  wise enough to  give him a chance to serve!

3.Mr. and Mrs.  Alistair Begg... another great scholar and    man of God, pastor of Parkside Church outside of Cleveland...    you might   have  figured out by now I am looking to  the  greatest men   of the   mountains of   society.  SO far,  entertainment,  medicine/ political,  the church....

I chose   Pastor Begg because we actually were privileged last  fall to  attend his church and hear him speak.. I have always  enjoyed his Truth for Life radio program... and the fact that he is Scottish  with the   greatest accent doesn't hurt....  But he is  an awesome   expositor and  thinker..

4.  Mr. and  Mrs. William Bennett...
William Bennett

previous  Secretary of education  under  Ronald Reagan and  political pundit on his morning radio  show,  Morning in America.  A true  genteel  conservative...  a man of huge  character   and brilliance.... who is a wealth of information and  experience...  what  an awesome dining  companion..... of course,  as  this list  grows I think our   event will  be at least a   week long  to   give  each guest   their  due.

5. Schotzy's  daughter and son-in-law (  a  business magnate  of sorts  and  a  PHD  in  electrical engineering  working in  software development)....of course, I  want my  children to   be exposed to such  a gathering...  I'm rather in awe myself at the thought!I chose this photo because it is just so  beautiful!

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