Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Decor

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My decor is   typically  Olde World...   and sometimes I    will  do and redo   things   over and over until I feel  satisfied  with the finished  product...
I love to  utilize  my   Mr. and Mrs. Fox,   but     the   total  look of the mantel   never  rang true so  this didnt last long

Every other year the tree has been in the  SW corner of the parlor,  but   it was moved this year..

 last year the carolers  found a home on the piano,   but not this year!
 photo 2012-11-30041927.jpg
  Sometimes the  angels  enjoy  being center stage  in the dining room,   but  not this year!
 photo 2012-12-10052435.jpg

One thing that  will always be accomplished   from year to year is the  warm glow of fairy lights  throughout the house
 photo Christmas2011047.jpg
 whether in the   inner rooms, or the  outer room!
 photo Christmas2011013.jpg

IN 2011  The mantel looked like this
 photo Christmas2011002.jpg
  The   far side of the  room hosted the  breakfront  with this   vignette
 photo Christmasdecor2011021.jpg
  Sometimes the dining room looks like this..
 photo CHristmas2010156.jpg
  and that same year the mantel..
 photo CHristmas2010115.jpg

 and the  Fox couple   hosted the  dining room!
 photo CHristmas2010108.jpg

 I really liked the   houses on the mantel,   but, alas,  I cant find them this year...   Hubby put them   away in a really  (good) place  it seems!

And I am   partial to the  hutch like this,,,   it isnt there yet,   but soon!
and the sunroom like this...
 photo Christmas2009086.jpg

So   how is it this year... the  tree is   near the far wall

A smaller   Christmas  village decks the mantel

  and that corner is the only part of the parlor that is   what I  would consider  finis!
  As I wrote in another   post,,,  I am way behind in  things around the house.  But I have  many ideas   rolling about in like marbles in my  head!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Everything looks so warm and inviting. Picture perfect and very festive!

  2. Such a warm, inviting, comfortable and beautiful Christmass-y home! Love your Mr and Mrs Fox!!!!


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