Saturday, December 6, 2014

Home-made is Best!

Sandra of Diary of a Stay At Home Mom has a delightful December meme going on through the month celebrating the joys of Christmas.

Being a country girl,   we almost  always  received  hand-made  crafty items as kids,,,,
 hand knitted mittens

my favorites   were  connected like these....  I didnt lost one  that way!
or sometimes  we'd clip them onto  my   car coat.
Aunt Janice  is an exceptional  knitter, as was my grand mother.
 When I went away to college,  Grandmother  made    a  gorgeous  pairing  quite like this.

They felt so   wonderful    as  my college was   on a mountain and the wind  blew fiercely  all winter long!

 My own mom and dad  were   very crafty, as well,  but  their talents  leaned more toward decorative painting on wood.   They  actually travelled  from  town to town with the mountain craft guild  at  craft  shows and sales..
  Just as an example     she painted this   gorgeous bunny on wheels..  her items  were  very classic and  holiday appropriate... She was  very well known  for the  life- like cats   she painted,  and the   beautiful  calliope horses, and   tole work  she did on trays, etc...  I have  many items  she has done  and given me for Christmas and I treasure them as one of a kind  pieces of art! But I am realizing now I have no photos that showcase them.  I will have to blog her  work one day  soon!
  I truly appreciate  when soneone takes the time to actually make  a  gift to give...  I wish I had the talent  or the inclination. 


  1. There is nothing like handmade is there? Especially when we get to keep the items and every time we look at them we remember someone special :)

  2. Beautiful post....I would love to see the photos of your Moms work....fascinating!

  3. Love that bunny! Items hand crafted and made with love like that truly are precious heirlooms to be treasured. ;)


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