Friday, December 5, 2014

Time to Open' em Up!

Sandra of Diary of a Stay At Home Mom has a delightful December meme going on through the month celebrating the joys of Christmas.

 I grew up  unwrapping gifts on Christmas Eve...we would attend the candle lighting service and then come home and party!!!!  Then  unwrap gifts....   Then Santa would come     and we'd  open stockings on  Christmas Day.  But  once I  became the master of my  own home,  I decided    to   change it up a bit. Now   Christmas Eve is   spent in a more reverent  state of we anticipate the  joy to come....  I love the old fashioned  time of singing carols and lighting the advent  candles  at home with  scripture reading  and  sharing  how the gospel has impacted  our lives in the past year.
Then following our  Christmas Morning brunch  we look forward to time around the  fireplace  opening gifts. 

 We pass them out  at once  but  only open one at a time  as we take turns.  We love to make it last!!!!!!!  Here my  son-in-law   is  taking a turn.

Last December, my dear daddy went to heaven...  he always  loved  opening presents...
 he loved to watch  us and    was  always so   cute   opening his... "Aw, you didnt have to get me anything" he'd  invariably say!

Dad lived to be 94... this was the last  Christmas   he was able to come to our house.

But, Momma   sits patiently  waiting for  her gifts!

  She isnt able to come to us this year... so we  will be taking  Christmas to her  in   the nursing home.
  Her only  request for Christmas this year is "candy, candy, candy!"
 Our sweetest   always  enjoys   the smaller  boxes!
Although larger ones  can offer  some surprises!
  This time, I'm not sure it was a good one!


  1. Loved this post and all the photos you shared. Sounds like you have a wonderful way of celebrating the season :) And I love that your mom requested just candy :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your traditions of opening does change as we get older and our families change...

  3. What a lovely post....I can't imagine how happy you'll be shopping for the candy, candy, candy.

  4. What a beautiful post. The pictures are beautiful. The comment your mom made me me laugh..She looks like such a sweet lady..I am sure you had a blast shopping for Candy for her LOL I know i would have found her all kinds of goodies


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