Tuesday, December 2, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (670-681)

Photo: Hey Soul? December 1st! Okay -- deep breath -- not only is this month going to be okay --- it's all going to be Beautiful! 
No-Stress Holidays this year -- because simply? quietly... 
we are hushing the hurry & waiting for you, Lord.
And when we know it's all about Jesus -- there. is. no. stress. 
And we whisper it: 
I will not let December become about making a production 
when it's simply about not. missing. You. 
Miracles happen throughout Advent -- 
whenever I slow.... whenever I still.... whenever I simply look for small and unlikely shoots of Jesus' love everywhere... 
because this grows deep in Jesus' love for everyone. 
~ from #TheGreatestGift

#Day1 #TheGreatestGift #LookForTheSmall 

[ yep, free 25 No-Stress Manifestos for every day of December, 
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It has been a  while since I  participated in the  Joy Dare with Ann Voskamp!  I am thankful  for
670.  the fast moving clouds in a late  autumn sky
671.  white sheets  billowing in the  breeze hanging on a clothesline of my  memories
672.  wedding gowns coming down the aisle
673. gold
674. frankincense
675.  myrrh  the  three gifts of the magi
676.  the lights on the Christmas tree
677.  the  stage lights  shining on the   pageantry of a Christmas play
678. the star of Bethlehem  shining on  my Christmas cards announcing the  advent of the           Messiah
679.  the  clickety clack of the  toy train circling overhead  at  a  favorite diner  of mine
680.    the  wreath of flowers crowning a little  girl  traipsing across the meadow on a spring day,   arms  spread wide
681. the  prayer shawl crafted by loving hands and  presented to me   when Daddy  went to be with the Lord almost a year ago today

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