Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas When....

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I have  two Christmases  that stand out in my memories from  my youth... The first was when I was about  4.  We  always spent  Christmas Eve with my Grandma on  mother's  side,   which was  always    spectacular because of all the aunts and uncles and cousins,  but  this particular year, I particularly remember    Christmas Day at  Granny's  on dad's side.  granny lived in a  typical  very old fashioned farm house way down in the country.    And  cousins lived very nearby. Now I  am the oldest of all the cousins on both sides.  ON Dad's side  I  have always  absolutely  adored my  next cousin, Gary.  Such a sweet boy, and even as a man he is of  the most gentle spirit.
That Christmas   I  called him my very own baby..  who needed a doll baby when I had Gary.  even though I got two dolls that year, and a baby stroller, too..

Spring2011137 photo Spring2011137.jpg
Now if ever  there was a model for the Campbell soup kids, it was Gary,    and he  barely fit in my little  pink stroller,  but  I strolled him all over the house,  and he loved it....  When I think of it,  what other  2 year old  would be so accommodating.  This photo cracks me up I look so forlorn,  I   always looked that way....   hahaha
except maybe on my 5th birthday , my only party guest, of course, was Gary!
Spring2011134 photo Spring2011134.jpg
  YOU may have realized by now  MY life  has always been sort of low key,  being an only child,   but the next super  awesome Christmas was  when I was  in college..
Now on grandma's side  by my college days the house would be  filled to the brim with  6  aunts, their husbands and 14 grand kids.  We kids would be delegated to the basement to sleep on old feather beds from the dairy farm days...  Well, when you pile  5 to a bed,  it can become  rambunctious,  as  it did that night  in my bed, and    I remember the  very moment  the slats  holding the  mattress  cracked and we all came tumbling down,,,
  No other slats were available as you might expect and we ended up just sleeping in the bed on the floor.   But come morning and we were happy for the  extra body heat  for  that was one   frigid basement,    but alas, even though  snow was expected,   there was nothing on the ground  come morning.

I found this photo online and this is very  near   grandma's house   same hill  a few  houses down the road.
 It was always the  tradition that  after Christmas dinner,  everyone would  start their venture on to other  places,    and  Aunt Betty with her    5  very adventurous   crew  had  already left  for Winston Salem,  when  suddenly the snow started  swirling  to the ground.  As  I said  this side of the family is famous for their pioneer, adventurous  spirit..  we knew it took Betty  90 minutes to  get home..  so we  very impatiently  counted the minutes  and once she arrived her phone was ringing.."  Hurry,,,  Betty, get back in the car and   come back, it's snowing!"   Sure enough  they all piled back in the car and trekked back up the mountain
  to return just in time.... By this time daddy had  built a  huge bonfire at the top of the  Sound of Music type of hill behind Grandma's house,

 and  we  had already made a couple of runs on mom's toboggan.

 Grandma had  pots of hot cocoa  with  marshmallows  steeping  and we spent the night on the hill  sleigh riding... such a  completely rare treat for me,  because my dad wasnt adventurous and when it threatened snow  we  stayed home.  So here I was  finally  enjoying the all  stops out  festive  white Christmas  in the country that  my other cousins  had come to revere and  had  done many  times in  our absence.
When we  came  back in   that night  we left a trail

  of wet  clothing and shoes

that  would  stretch from  the county to the city line! But we were  soon    drinking steaming   cups of  heaven!

I found all  photos online,  but they   recall one of the happiest  Christmases I ever had!


  1. Oh my goodness that sounds like such a perfect moment in time - and SO much fun!! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  2. What delightful memories: had to laugh at you pushing Gary around in your pushchair, as my daughter does that with any and all 'smaller children' who come to the house! Love your description of your next favourite Christmas...and the photo of all the wet clothes and boots scattered everywhere made me smile....thank you!

  3. I enjoyed reading this post, made me feel like I was part of it all too <3 hehe

    I would love to live in the country, especially a white Christmas :)
    Loved your post!

  4. I loved reading about your very special memories! How exciting and fun!! I LOVE the black and white photos and the others you used to help tell your have a very special family!


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