Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Tunes

Sandra of Diary of a Stay At Home Mom has a delightful December meme going on through the month celebrating the joys of Christmas.

Music is such an integral part of Christmas...  whether in rejoicing  praise and adoration of the Christ-child, in expressing the  cheerful mood   of the holidays...  Christmas  songs and carols  capture  our heart   by the memories they evoke.
This year  my hubby and I are   singing in the Christmas  pageant at church....   and   some of  our  favorite songs in the program  are completely new to us,   but  will forever more   be  very special because of the memory of  all the  work we have put into   singing them.
For example this  very   wonderful   song that  encapsulates  everything  about    this  wonderful season of love and  mercy!
Some songs are    so  amazing in their  joyfulness and  exuberance... their  excellence...  that they instantly become our  favorites..
 or like this song   whose lyrics   are so moving   that  when  performed with such precision  that  it moves right up to the top of the  list..
Then  there is this song that every time I hear it I  still weep...  because  it was  popular  my last year  of college,  and my fiancee' was  overseas serving   in the army and  I was missing him so much!

 Hubby and I  always stop what we are doing  and  sing along  with this old favorite.

  The medieval lass in me  swells with  adoration  when I hear  anything Anuna sings..

Then several years ago   I will never forget the first time I ever heard this song....  and   it  was  played at a small country church  by a young  lady  (maybe age 14)  who did the most  dramatic interpretive dance to it....    there wasnt a dry eye in the sanctuary...  I have loved it ever since

  Who could  deny this  rendition of a great song!

 And  this reminded me  of  a song that  was popular  when  Lynn and I were dating  and how I hated to  send him  home on cold snowy nights...

  and if I go  way back in my memory banks  I will end with this   one.....  My  dear sweet daddy loved  for me to play this song every Christmas on the piano while he sang along!

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  1. You have got some really really good ones there, thank you so much for sharing, I've enjoyed listening to the songs :)


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