Monday, December 8, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (682-694)

Here is my Joy Dare for    the second week of December Joy Dare with Ann Voskamp!  I am thankful  for
682.  The   silvery   white of the December  full moon last night.
683.  The   silver of   Christmas lights   that   ring in the  advent season

684.  The  subdued  silvery tones  of  December  sunset  that    suggests  a  cold winter's  night! 
687. The  spicy  sweetness of a  Christmas cookie
688.  A plate of Christmas delights

689.  The  sweet  smile of a precious granddaughter
689.  Our  savior's gifts to us....  salvation and redemption for our sin,,,  forgotten,,, remembered no more
690.    New life,   renewed purpose,  renewed mind
691.  Free access to the throne room  in prayer
692.  The beauty of   Christmas on a tree
693.  Grandpa holding   bundle of joy!

694.   The  sweet lyrics and  melody of  a  lovely  carol

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